Thursday, 4 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 4: My Favourite Christmas Jumpers...

Before this week I only had one Christmas jumper to my name. I got it last year and it's the 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' jumper. I love it! I have no idea why I don't have more 'Christmas' jumpers, probably because I haven't found any that I've really liked before.

I've come across a few that I've liked this year, so I thought I'd share them with you and see if you agree! I have bought one of them, you'll find out which one below :). So now I have a grand total of two Christmas jumpers!

1 - 'Yeah Bitch, Christmas' is the jumper I've bought this year. Me and Si love Breaking Bad so it caught my eye as soon as I saw it. I came across the jumper on Ebay, I haven't as yet seen it in any of the shops. It was a one size jumper which is supposed to fit sizes 8-14. I'm a 10-12, so it's a little big but not too bad. I've just washed it actually to try and shrink it a little, ha ha. It was only £7.99, but I can't wait to wear it. It's one of those comfy, cosy jumpers so I'll hopefully get quite a bit of use out of it this Christmas! I think I had the last one at the time, so I'm not sure if they'll re-stock, but if you're interested in getting one you could always email the seller or you might have shops near to you that sell it. As yet, I haven't seen this exact one anywhere else online.

2 - I've only recently seen this Nostalgia 'Bitch Please' Christmas jumper but I like the slogan as a bit of fun. I think overall I've come to learn that I do tend to like slogan Christmas jumpers, rather than the ones with a snowman or Santa on the front. I don't tend to go overboard with Christmas jumpers though as I don't get enough wear out of them really and I need other clothes before more Christmas jumpers, ha ha! You can get this jumper from In The Style for £18.99. Also, £1 from every purchase of this jumper goes to Text Santa.

3 - I like this Sequin Embellished Bow With Bell Christmas jumper because it's not as casual as some of the slogan jumpers, so I'd feel fine going out for a Christmas meal or a few drinks with this one on where as I'm not sure I would feel the same with the slogan ones. I think it's really pretty too, simple but pretty. You can get this jumper from M&S for £25.00.

4 - I adore this Penguin Love Christmas jumper! I love the colour to start with and then the penguins are so cute and really set it off. It looks so cosy and comfortable. I wish I could get all of these jumpers but they aren't exactly dirt cheap and I couldn't justify it with only a few weeks to wear them out of the year. You can get this from British Christmas Jumpers for £25.00.

5 - This Coca Coca 'Holidays Are Coming' Christmas jumper made me smile when I saw it. It's £20.00 from Primark and although I haven't seen it in my local Primark, I expect it'll be in the bigger ones like Birmingham or London. I love the Coca Cola Christmas advert, as soon as it comes on the TV, you feel like it's the start of Christmas. It's definitely one of those fun jumpers that will make people smile and say 'I love your jumper!'.

6 - This 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' Christmas jumper is the one that I own! I got it last year from an independent shop in town and they only had the red one in at the time. I saw this blue one online and thought it was lovely. This was another jumper that made me smile last year when I saw it and I just had to get it. I love the Home Alone films and I had so many people saying 'I love your jumper' last year, even when I was walking around Asda! You can get this from Boohoo for £15.00.

Do you like any of my choices? Which Christmas jumper do you have?

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Thanks so much for reading lovelies!
Gem XxOo
Images courtesy of Ebay, In The Style, M&S, British Christmas Jumpers, Primark and Boohoo.


  1. I only have one Christmas sweater too, but after seeing your suggestions I realized I need at least two from your list: the Nostalgia "Bitch Please" and the "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal" one. They are so funny!

    Good luck with Blogmas! I'm doing it for the first time this year too :D

    1. Hey! Glad to see you like some of my suggestions :). They're cool aren't they?! If you get them have fun wearing them :).

      Aw, thanks so much! Good luck too, I'll have a look at your posts :).

      Gem XxOo

  2. I had the Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal last year it is so funny and my fav film. The Bitch Please is great too.

    1. Ahh, cool! I think it was a popular one in general. Luckily I didn't see too many people near me wearing it :). I know, I'm sooo tempted to get the 'Bitch Please' one ha ha. Thanks so much for commenting lovely!

      Gem XxOo


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