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BLOGMAS Day 3: Christmas Party Ideas...

Welcome to Blogmas Day 3 lovelies!

Christmas is a great time to organise a party or get-together, whether it be with family, friends or work colleagues. I've had experience of being invited to work Christmas get-togethers, aswell as organising friends and family Christmas get-togethers.

There's nothing wrong with meeting for a few drinks or a meal at a pub, but sometimes when you want to do something else, it can be hard to think of other options. I thought I'd use Blogmas Day 3 as a way to share some ideas with you and hopefully give you some inspiration for any Christmas parties or get-togethers you are thinking of having in the next few weeks.

I know sometimes it's an easy and perfectly lovely option to just book a meal in a pub and all have some drinks and a laugh (I'm actually doing this with family this year) and it's a cheap option too considering Christmas is just around the corner. However, I've tried to include options that are a little bit different rather than just stating this brand of pub does this meal and this brand of pub does that meal. I've considered a range of budgets and both family/friend get-togethers and company get-togethers (where the employer might be footing the bill). I'll include a few brands/locations for those that are specific events, but if something takes your fancy just do a quick search in Google and see if there is something similar near you (if you aren't prepared to travel) :).


Theatre Show

From musicals to comedy shows, going to the theatre could be a great way to get people together. If it's a group of girl friends the choice may be easier to decide, where as if it's a work Christmas do then something more neutral may have to be chosen so males and females alike will enjoy it. Sometimes with theatre shows, local restaurants have pre-theatre dinner offers on, so if you want to go all out, this is something to think about. There are also Christmas pantomimes on at this time of year which could be a good choice for a group of friends or family members. My favourite theatre show is Jersey Boys, from the story to the songs, it's such a feel good musical. Me and Si have seen it five times we like it that much! Ha ha. Have a look at West End Theatre Bookings for inspiration.

Cocktail Masterclass

For a group of friends, family members or work colleagues, a cocktail masterclass is something different and fun that males and females can enjoy together. This is something I see advertised so much, whether it be for a Christmas party, birthday party or another special occasion. I've never taken part in one myself but have been in a Revolution bar when one was taking place and watched from afar. Usually you are all shown how to make certain cocktails, you might be given choices or they might just show you a few. Everyone gets to sample the cocktails and make some too! A few games are often thrown in to ensure everyone gets involved and is having a good time. You can make this experience into a proper party and have food platters and more drinks, of course. I think this is definitely an experience that will be talked about afterwards. I often see Revolution Bars advertising their cocktail masterclass and they have different packages from having the masterclass and some nibbles to enjoying the masterclass and then having a sit down meal! Revolution is one of my favourite bars, we had one in our town centre, then it closed down, so we have to travel to get to our nearest one now but their cocktails are amazing! Their food is pretty good too to be honest.


Bowling can actually be quite a laugh and again can be enjoyed by both males and females together. If you have a mixed gender group of friends you could play girls vs boys or if it's a work group going, if there's enough of you, you could play department vs department or managers against everyone else. It's just something fun (minus the dodgy shoes!) and with this it doesn't cost a lot. I know with bowling parties you can also get food and drink to have at your lane(s). AMF Bowling regularly advertise their Christmas parties, where you can eat, drink and bowl, so it might be worth having a look to see if there is one near you!

London Eye Private Capsules

This could work out being quite pricey, but if there are a lot of you, when you split the cost, it might not end up being that much. I wanted to include this for those that have the option of spending a little bit more. With the London Eye Private Capsule party you can book packages where you can have champagne and canapés or even a cocktail experience. I can imagine this being a really nice chilled out atmosphere where you can enjoy priority boarding, a complimentary mini guide, a 30 minute rotation, entry to the London Eye 4D cinema experience, a private booth, the beautiful view of London (especially at night with all of the lights), food and drink!

The Medieval Banquet London

Want to go for a meal with a difference? I think this Medieval Banquet in London sounds fab and is ideal for a Christmas party/get-together. The best things always seem to be in or around London (most of the time) and to be honest I thought things like this were only available when you're on holiday abroad (anyone ever been to The Pirates Adventure show?). For the Christmas price, you are served a five course medieval banquet (they cater for vegetarians too) with ale, wine and juice (view the menu here) as an entertainment show is going on around you. The entertainment includes dancing wenches, jugglers, contortionists, magicians and much more! They have a bar where you can purchase other drinks and after the banquet they play club music till late. They even have costumes available for hire or purchase. Sounds good to me! You can read more about it here.

Drink, Shop & Do London

Drink, Shop & Do is a place that holds its own events from coffee tasting to dancing, aswell as serving food and Afternoon Tea! They also hold private parties and by the look of their 'what's on' section, they have a lot coming up! For Christmas they have many things that you can book as 'something extra' to enjoy during your get-together/party. They have Christmas meals available for you to eat depending on whether you want to sit down and eat or stand around having a nibble and a natter. For something special to 'do', you can book a Christmas party games package, a dance duo, musical bingo or just something simple like a Christmas fancy dress box. It's worth having a look on the website to see if anything takes your fancy or suits your budget as their ideas are pretty unique, fun and a bit different from the norm of just getting together for Christmas.

Comedy Club

A comedy club night doesn't tend to be too expensive and can be enjoyed by both males and females. After all, who doesn't like to have a laugh?! There are lots of different comedy clubs, I searched 'comedy club' in Google and so many came up so I'm sure you'll be able to find one near you. Jongleurs tends to be a popular place and they have regular comedy nights in various locations. If it's a work party, they'll even try to find out more about everyone before finalising the booking so that they can recommend the right comedians, this way it means everyone will be sure to enjoy the jokes. They are currently advertising their Christmas Comedy Party, which is held in different locations and there are different packages to choose from, depending on whether you want to enjoy the comedy show and the after party or go all out and have a meal too!

Horse Racing

A horse racing Christmas party is something I researched when organising our family Christmas get-together. For example, Ascot offer Christmas racing events where you can choose different packages based on your budget, which all tend to offer admission, car parking, a race card, a race paper and then different types of food and drink based on what you've paid. If you have a look here you can see what they have to offer. Otherwise if you just want a change of scenery you can book your party there, which includes entertainment, even if there isn't racing on that day. If you do take part in the horse racing you could make it more fun by betting in teams against each other so girls vs boys or department vs department, just some options to jazz the day up a bit!

Murder Mystery Evening

A murder mystery evening is sure to be remembered and talked about for a while afterwards. You 'play a character', solve a murder, eat and drink! Murder Mystery Nights offer evening events and stay over events in various locations. All characters are briefed and the activity happens between courses. Everyone is a suspect, one person in the group is the murderer and one person in the group could be the victim. I've always wondered, if you do this event over dinner, does the victim just disappear at some point? Also, how do the victim and the murderer manage to get away from the rest of the group without people catching on? Or does it not work like that? If any of you have been on a murder mystery evening, you'll have to let me know. It's very intriguing!

Are you having a Christmas party/get-together this year?

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Thanks for reading lovelies!
Gem XxOo
Images are courtesy of UK Theatre Tickets, Wowcher, AMF Bowling, Visit London, London Town, Drink, Shop & Do, Do Something Different, Ascot and Murder Mystery Nights.

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