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BLOGMAS Day 17: Favourite Christmas Games...

Me and my family love a good game. I thought I'd share a few of our favourite ones to play at Christmas...

Xbox 360 Scene It? Box Office Smash

This is a game that is for all the family and is played via a Xbox 360. I like this game because you can just sit back, relax and play it via button pads. You don't have to sit on the floor with a board or crowd round a table. You can buy the game with or without the button pads. You can play the game with Xbox 360 controllers, but it's easier with the button pads. With this game, you answer trivia about box office movies. It's not just question after question though, there are puzzles and challenges to solve and it keeps us entertained for ages! The game is recommended for those aged 12+, so there should be something for kids too. If you love movies like us, you're sure to like this. If you don't have an Xbox 360, there are Scene it? DVD games available.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Game

I have bought this game for my sister for Christmas. It's going to be so funny playing this on Christmas Day. If you aren't familiar with it, there are nice and nasty flavours within the game. You spin the spinner and whatever colour you land on, there will be two flavours available. One flavour is nice and the other nasty, so you have to pick the colour you land on and hope for the nice flavour. Some of the nice flavours are chocolate pudding, strawberry jam, buttered popcorn and juicy pear. Some of the nasty flavours are mouldy cheese, dog food, vomit and rotten egg. Eurgh, not necessarily looking forward to playing this, but it will be a laugh!

The Game Of Life

I love this game because it's quite a fun concept. The game is based on living a whole life span through choices and chance. You get to make choices that you could experience in real life, such as, choosing your career path, raising a family, borrowing money, buying a home and retiring. The aim is to have the most assets at the end of the game. I used to play this as a kid with older relatives, so it's something I've always enjoyed playing. There is even a Game Of Life app now! This game is recommended for ages 8+, so it's a good game to buy kids for Christmas and then everyone can get involved.


Me and my sister used to have this game when we were younger and we used to play it all the time! We had a different version that was in a slimmer box, but the concept was still the same. The one we had was only suitable for two players at a time, but the above one seems to be suitable for up to 5 players! When we played, one person had to choose four coloured pegs and arrange them in their preferred order. These pegs were hidden. The other player then had to try and guess the coloured pegs and their order, in so many moves. Along the way, the 'chooser' scored their opponents guesses by marking how many colours they had correct and how many they had in the correct order. The positions aren't given away though, so you do have to think about what you're doing. The game is recommended for ages 8+, so if kids are playing this, it will definitely get their brains working. I guess this modernised version is the same, but more than one person can guess. There's such a sense of satisfaction though when you 'finally' guess correctly!

Wolverhampton Monopoly

Monopoly is such a classic board game. My mom had a really old version that me and my sister used to play growing up. Last year, an edition named after the city we live in was released, so it was great seeing places that are familiar to us on the board game. Si received it as a gift so we had fun playing it last Christmas. There are so many different editions out now and another favourite of mine is the Disney edition. It can be quite fun trying to buy positions on the board, buying houses and hotels and charging other players rent if they land on your positions. There is also the chance that you might have to pay rent, taxes, go to jail or even go bankrupt, so you have to try and avoid that! However, it can be a really long game. If you prefer games that don't last for hours, then this might not be for you cause it always seems to do so. Again, this is recommended for those that are aged 8+.

When me and my sister were growing up, it used to be all about Dream Phone, Twister, Kerplunk, Mouse Trap, Operation, Hangman, Connect 4 and Hungry Hippos. Remember these? We used to have quite a few board games as presents, so we spent a lot of time playing games over Christmas and in our general spare time.

What is your favourite game to play at Christmas?

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Images courtesy of Amazon and Jelly Belly.

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