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BLOGMAS Day 13: Christmas TV 2014...

I love this time of year when the Christmas TV guides come out! It might sound sad but I love going through it with a pen and circling programmes I want to watch over the festive season. Usually there are lots of specials on and I like to be aware of them so I don't miss the ones I want to see :). There are also plenty of Christmas films on, which are just perfect to watch when you're cosying up on the sofa with some sweet or savoury treats and in my case, mulled wine!

Si picked me up the TV Times a couple of days ago and I've been having a gander to see what's going to be on. I might mention some of the plots that I've read about below, so if you don't like to know anything about any of the Christmas programmes ahead of time, I'd probably stop here :).

Here are the Christmas programmes I'm looking forward to the most...

I want to start with the soaps because I watch them anyway. Soaps at Christmas are usually full of misery to be honest. I suppose they have to create the drama and I can't complain because it doesn't stop me from watching them ;).

Eastenders is my favourite soap and has been ever since I started watching soaps. I think my favourite Christmas episode was the one where Tanya Branning discovered Max's affair with Stacey. Although devastating for those involved, it was gripping drama! If you love your soaps, then you'll know what I mean and probably agree, but if not, then you'll probably think I'm a bit sad ha ha. The big storylines for over Christmas seem to be the Carters' discovering that Linda was raped by Dean and the fact that Shirley is Mick's mom!

Corrie is probably my second favourite soap and the big storylines for over Christmas are Callum turning up to ruin Kylie's 'perfect' Christmas, resulting in Kylie disappearing from the street (she is actually going on temporary maternity leave) and the fact that Steve is suffering from depression and finding it hard to tell anyone about it.

I've got into Emmerdale a lot more since the Jackson storyline about his paralysis and him choosing to die. I've watched it all of the time since then. The main storyline for Christmas seems to be about the drama that's caused on Katie and Andy's wedding day (probably something to do with Robert *rolls eyes*). There is also a lot of confusion over Archie being handed over. I know that Jai spots the man that handed Archie over, so hopefully that will be cleared up and we'll find out what has actually happened to Rachel.

I do like watching Hollyoaks, even if it seems that someone dies in it every week! At Christmas the main storylines seem to be based around Ste and John Paul's wedding day and the fact that to start it all off, they are both missing, but they do end up tying the knot. Apparently, the reception reveals a huge bombshell though! Also, Sienna turns even more psycho (not sure how this is possible!) and handcuffs Dodger to a radiator. She appears in a bridal gown for their 'wedding' and erupts when Dodger refuses to kiss her. Wow!

On to some non-soap programmes, which might appeal to more of you :)...

Mrs Brown's Boys is a great, situation comedy. If you like silly comedies then you're sure to like this. There are two specials on over Christmas, one on Christmas Day and the other on New Year's Day. In the first one, there is confusion over what plastic surgery Agnes's son, Rory is having, Cathy's mysterious party is kept a secret and Mrs Brown has her usual fight with the Christmas tree! In the second special, Agnes is worried about becoming the next burglary victim in a recent crime wave, so she asks Buster to install an alarm system. As most of the stuff he gets is off the back of a lorry, it isn't as straight forward as you might think. Also, Agnes enters a local poker tournament to try and win some cash to help her son start up his own business and Cathy decides that she wants a baby! I think it's done on purpose for effect, but it's funny when the cast mess up their lines or do something wrong and they just laugh about it and carry on.

Miranda is one of my all time favourite comedies and I've loved it since it first aired in 2009. Again, I find that it's a silly kind of comedy. The main character is always trying to fit in but she's always getting herself into situations or doing embarrassing things. The actual series has finished, so it's nice to see that there are going to be two specials on this Christmas, before that really is 'it'. The specials air on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. They pick up from where the last episode of series three finished. Miranda had two marriage proposals, one from restaurateur Gary (who she's always had a 'thing' for) and the other from her boyfriend, Mike. It'll be interesting to see if she accepts any and how the final ever episode ends!

I am thrilled that Birds Of A Feather has returned to our TV screens. I used to love watching this when I was younger, probably aged between 10 and 13. I remember it being on at about 8 or 9pm and I used to persuade my mom to let me watch it before it was time for bed, ha ha. The Christmas special airs on Boxing Day, is called 'Birds On A Plane' and is actually the first episode of series 11, which I'm so excited about! Sharon and Tracey are off on holiday as their friend Dorien decides to treat them all to a break in the Canary Islands. Apparently they end up in Bournemouth :/. It's sure to provide some laughs though and it reminds me of my childhood, so I can't wait to get cosy and watch this before the rest of the new series starts on New Year's Day.

Would I Lie To You? This comedy panel show never fails to make me laugh. The two team captains, David Mitchell and Lee Mack are so funny. I prefer David Mitchell as he has such a dry sense of humour and it's hilarious when he is having a bit of banter with Lee Mack. I love having a laugh at TV programmes, but this one has made me laugh out loud on several occasions in the past. If you've never seen this, the basic jist is that guests/team captains are given statements that they have to read out and the opposing team have to guess whether it's true or a lie by asking lots of questions and then guessing at the end. The Christmas special airs on the 22nd December.

I always look out for Top Of The Pops over Christmas. I used to love it when it was on regularly, so now it's even more special as it is only on at Christmas. There are two specials on this year, one on Christmas Day and the other on New Year's Eve. I love watching music performances so am looking forward to watching some of 2014's biggest stars perform. The special on New Year's Eve is sure to get you in the party spirit, especially if you are off out to celebrate the New Year!

Christmas specials that I miss...

The Royle Family was a comedy that I loved and I still like to watch repeats on the TV now. I used to look forward to their Christmas specials, so it's a shame that they are no longer on. You might find some of the past Christmas specials on over Christmas, which are still good, but I do miss it!

Which Christmas specials will you be watching this year?

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Images courtesy of Radio Times, Digital Spy, The Mirror, Wales Online and BBC.

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