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BLOGMAS Day 2: Secret Santa Gift Ideas...

Welcome to Blogmas Day 2 lovelies! Secret Santa gifts can often be hard to buy. You often have a price limit and although it's just a jokey kind of thing, if you're anything like me, you'll want to get something that the recipient will get some use out of rather than it just going to the back of a cupboard/drawer, to someone else, or in the bin!

I've taken part in a few secret Santas over the years, mainly within a work environment, but some of you might be doing it amongst friends if there are a lot of you. I've experienced the limit to usually be between 5 and 10 pounds (excluding postage), so I've done a bit of research and thought I'd share a few ideas with you...

Secret Santa Gifts For Girls

1 - These Chocolate And Salted Caramel Marshmallows sound delicious and are handmade in Edinburgh, Scotland! Toffee d'or caramel and dark chocolate are swirled into 6 extra large marshmallows and solar dried with Isle of Sky sea salt. Salt and caramel or chocolate is actually a really nice combination. It can put some people off because they hear 'salt' and just think it's going to taste really salty. However, the truth is that it's often just a subtle saltiness that comes through and you'd be surprised at how nice the flavour actually is. This would be a lovely gift for someone with a sweet tooth and someone who doesn't mind trying something a bit different. You can buy them for £8 from Not On The High Street.

2 - Most people are familiar with Liz Earle and this Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Christmas Edition Mini Drum would make a lovely secret Santa gift. Plus, it's such good value! It contains a 50ml Cleanse & Polish and a cloth. It's all packaged in a Christmas edition box, with a beautiful blue flower growing out of what looks like a bed of snow. It's a really peaceful and calming image. You can buy this from John Lewis for just £9!

3 - This Twinings 9 Tea Selection with 45 teabags would make a great gift for a tea lover! There are 5 of each teabags in the set and some of the flavours include, Lemon & Ginger Infusion, Peppermint Infusion and of course, good old English Breakfast. There should be something to suit all moods and even help you feel better such as the Orange & Lotus Flower green tea which contains antioxidants. This selection of teas is just £10 from Boots.

4 - These Get The Hint Wish List Sticky Notes are such a cool, novelty idea! These would be good for those beauty lovers or fashionista's who like flicking through magazines and staying up to date with the latest beauty or fashion products. Included are 5 sets of 20 sticky notes that say, 'I want this', 'love these', 'buy this', 'and this' and 'yes please'. You can buy these from Amazon for just £3.72.

5 - The Happy Jackson Headphone Case is one of my favourite products for the girls. I love how funky the case is and I'm sure any girl that uses headphones would love to own this! There is a cord wrap included within the case, so headphones can be wrapped around that to prevent the wires getting all tangled up. The cord wrap then fits nicely inside the press studded, stripy lined case. You can get this from John Lewis for just £8.95.

Secret Santa Gifts For Guys

1 - I think this Driver's Glovebox Kit is such a good secret Santa gift for a driver, especially a male driver as they won't have to worry about remembering anything essential for the car. All handy little bits will be inside this box and the recipient can just pop it in their glovebox for whenever they might need it. There are 10 useful items within this kit, including a snap light, plasters, mini pen and pad, plastic gloves and an ice scraper. For just £8 from Boots, I definitely think this is one of those gifts where the recipient will be glad to have it, even if it's in the glovebox for ages, when they're looking for something and they find it in this kit, they'll remember who got it for them and be chuffed!

2 - I think this Life Hacks Book is definitely something that would keep a man amused for hours. There are 130 hacks which help to solve everyday dilemmas. It includes everything from electric cable management to ingenious cooking methods and much, much more. It even shows you how to enhance your music listening experience with a toilet roll tube! This book is just £5 from Amazon.

3 - I had to include a sweet treat for the guys too and this Belgian Biscuit Selection is sure to please. This is a lovely selection of biscuits that are different to the normal biscuits that you might have all year round. It's suitable for vegetarians and contains 800g of biscuits and wafers in milk, dark and white chocolate coatings. It's making my mouth water just writing this! The biscuit tin is reusable and features a snowy town with a general store, a church and houses. You can buy this gift for £10 from Boots.

4 - I think the Large Biscuit Pocket Mug is my favourite product for the guys. This would be fab for someone who works in an office or has their own desk and has regular cups of tea at work. Or it would be great for someone to just use at home, due to the handy biscuit pocket! The mug is made from ceramic and is dishwasher safe, so it's a well made mug and not something cheap that will break easily. You can buy this mug from Amazon for £8.99 and there are also images on there so you can see what kind of biscuits will fit in the pocket.

5 - This Teatool Teabag Squeezer is a handy little gadget that I can see men loving and it is likely to prevent those drips as you transfer a teabag from a mug to the bin. It really squeezes the teabag out and is one of those novelty gifts that actually has a job. I think this is a gift that will definitely be appreciated by a tea lover. It's just £6.99 from Find Me A Gift.

Have you got a secret Santa gift to buy this year?

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Thanks so much for reading lovelies!
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Images are courtesy of Not On The High Street, John Lewis, Boots, Amazon and Find Me A Gift.

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