Sunday, 21 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 21: Day In The Life...

If you watch Vlogmas videos on YouTube, you'll know that they are basically 'day in the life' videos at Christmas time. I thought I'd bring that to my blog and show you a recent day in the life of mine :). Simple idea but I hope you like it.

These things happened on Friday 19th December 2014, where I had quite a chilled day just doing things around the house, doing a bit of writing and blogging and having a quiet evening in as Si was at work.

A cold, winters morning view from one of our back windows at about 6:30am.

I didn't have anything to eat as soon as I woke up as I was fluttering around the house doing bits and bobs, so I considered this to be more like brunch than breakfast. I had a cup of tea (which is a must), yummy scrambled eggs on toast, fresh natural yoghurt with raspberries and pure honey mixed in and a nice glass of cold water to get the metabolism going :).

Can't forget to open the advent calendar! Me and Si have a chocolate advent calendar this year. Mine is a 'Me to You' one. Si was disappointed that we didn't have little images or messages on the inside of the windows, ha ha. I'm not gonna lie, half the time I forget to open mine and end up having quite a few windows to open at once! It's been funny recently as Si's chocolates started out being Christmas themed but the past few days they've been pretty random.

I differ between having a shower in the morning and having one at night. I work from home so sometimes I have one during the day, it just depends on how I feel. On this particular day it was about 3pm when I had this shower. A hot shower always perks me up and makes me feel better.

I have all of my shower/bath products in the shower and just use them as and when. I have other products in the bedroom so just replace when needed. Believe it or not, 7 of those bottles are shampoo, ha ha! I get through conditioner like nobody's business and always end up with more shampoo. I had run out of body wash for myself though and didn't realise until I was already in the shower, so I just used Si's, he he!

I love the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and have done for some time now. It's so luxurious and lovely to use. I used it whilst in the shower. I used the body lotion when I got out of the shower. I prefer to put body lotion on when I just come out of the shower, when my skin is still damp. I find it sinks in a lot quicker this way. I also do this because there have been times in the past when I've gone into the bedroom and forgot about moisturising and my skin doesn't appreciate not being moisturised. You might wonder why I'm using Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion during the day, well, not only does it smell nice, it always makes me feel calm because of the lavender. It doesn't make me drowsy or anything so I use it whenever I like.

When it comes to my hair after a bath or shower, I tend to wear it wrapped up in a towel for a little while to take most of the excess moisture out. I mix up the products that I use depending on when I'm drying my hair and what I want to achieve with my hair. I always use my Wahl Salon Power Hairdryer which has two heat settings, two power/speed settings and a cool shot. In terms of products, on this occasion I used the Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray for all over my hair, the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm for the lengths of my hair and the L'Oreal Elvive Repairing Serum for the ends of my hair. I love my Tangle Tamer brush from Denman, it smooths my hair after washing without pulling half of it out. I use this every day, whether my hair is wet or not, it's definitely gentler on my hair than other brushes that I have. I wasn't going out anywhere so after blow-drying, I just put my hair up in a messy bun.

I had this No7 Protect and Perfect Night Cream in a set recently from Boots and have really been enjoying using it. I have the day cream too. I am a fan of No7 products in general, so it's nice to have more items from their collection. It smells lovely and is really moisturising and hydrating. By the time I came to putting this on, it wasn't exactly early, so I decided to use the night cream instead of the day cream. I had a make-up free day as I wasn't going out anywhere.

When I am thinking about settling down to do some writing, blogging or even to just watch TV, I like to light at least one candle. It makes me feel so cosy and comfy. Everyone feel sorry for my poor Black Cherry Yankee Candle that fell off of a shelf and smashed :(. I only got it a few weeks ago too! It's a lovely scent though, it smells like cherry drop sweets :).

Time to get some writing done and of course my Blogmas post for the day! If you haven't seen my Blogmas Day 19 post, check it out here.

I cooked one of mine and Si's fave meals. The main bit is pork loin that I always season with salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and thyme. I tend to vary the sides that I serve it with, but on this occasion I decided to make my own Yorkshire puddings and have mashed potato inside of them with peas and then the pork loin on the top, which is soaked in half gravy granules and half home-made gravy with the meat juices/flavourings stuck to the bottom of the baking dish. I took photos as I was making this dish, so I might blog about it tomorrow and tell you how I make it :).

I had quite a lot of wrapping to do, so thought I'd get stuck in. I quite enjoy wrapping to be honest and seeing the presents build up that I've bought for people. I was watching Text Santa whilst wrapping. I've wrapped a few more since Friday but am all up to date now. I still have a couple of things to pick up Christmas Eve, so will wrap them then.

After everything was done for the day, I settled down in bed with a hot chocolate. I treated myself to a little Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine this year, so I make them on there. Silly me forgot to take a picture of it when it was first made, but it was lovely and frothy! I like them with cream on the top normally, but we haven't got any at the mo :(, need to pick some up. I also caught up with some YouTube videos whilst I was drinking it. Aswell as my usual YouTube subscriptions, I like to see what the most watched videos are and sometimes I just have a search for random stuff on there when I'm having a little chill.

Si was working on this evening, so I decided to watch a bit of Netflix. I watched the last few episodes of Orange Is The New Black. I've actually finished watching it now, but my sister recommended it to me. It's really good to be fair, I'm looking forward to the next series!

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Thanks for reading lovelies!
Gem XxOo

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