Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Woo, it's Christmas Eve! I'm so excited, I can't wait for us to go to my mom's later on, relax and just enjoy the festivities!

As it's Christmas Day tomorrow, I thought I'd share with you how our Christmas Day is likely to unfold. Me and Si are spending Christmas at my mom and sister's this year and have done every year since we've been together, aside from last year when we had our first Christmas in our flat. It's pretty easy for me to tell you how tomorrow will unfold, as me, my mom and sister have had the same traditions for years and then we introduced Si to them. If you're not too busy, let me know how your Christmas Day usually unfolds. I know people do different things and I'm nosy, so feel free to share :).


We usually wake up at about 8am Christmas morning (mom has a pull out bed in what used to be my bedroom, for when me and Si sleep over). Me and Si have got each other stockings this year, so we'll probably open our stockings to each other first. I know my mom has done me, Si and my sister stockings and we have done my mom one, so after me and Si have opened ours, we'll probably go into my mom's room where she can open hers and me, Si and my sister can open ours from mom.

Me, Si and my sister are still like big kids when it comes to Christmas, even though we are all 24 and 28 years old, ha ha! It doesn't normally take mom too long to get up to come downstairs now, but when me and my sister were younger, it seemed like it took forever to get our parents to come downstairs! First things first, we always put the kettle on! It's usually me or mom that makes the hot drinks, usually because Si doesn't like hot drinks and my sister very rarely has one, so it's normally just me and mom. We all have our own specific places in the living room where our presents are laid out. We normally go round and open a present one by one, we love doing this and it's nice to see what everyone has got, plus it makes present opening last longer :).

After we've finished opening our presents, me, Si and my sister tend to look more closely at what we've received and mom makes us all breakfast. We usually have sausage or bacon sandwiches, aswell as a glass of fizz, like Buck's Fizz.


By the time we've opened our stockings, our presents and had breakfast, it's normally about midday. Mom usually goes and gets ready and then starts preparing the dinner. As she is doing that, the rest of us will get ready and then carry on looking at our gifts. I always ask mom if she wants any help but her kitchen isn't the biggest, so normally she likes to make the dinner on her own. If I'm lucky, I might get to do the washing up :/, cheers mom! Mom has normally set the table up by the time 2/3pm arrives, so we sit down and get ready for dinner. Like I said yesterday in my blog post, mom always makes a three course meal, so we eat, drink, pull our crackers and laugh for a good while. We also have a few more 'drinky woos' (alcohol) :). Since last year, mom has started getting us a little gift for when we're sitting at the table eating dinner. She got us all gingerbread cookies last year, with sweets on them and she said she's got us all something this year too. I've actually bought everyone a scratch card for when we're sitting down for dinner. Just as a little extra something. Good luck to us all! :).

We eat our starters and main meals at the table, then have a little rest in front of the TV before dessert. We always have the best intentions of going back to the table for dessert, but we usually end up eating it in the living room, in front of the TV :). We don't watch the Queen's speech, so after dinner we have a look what's on and put something on that we all want to watch. Unless it's something we really wanna watch, the TV is usually on in the background as we carry on admiring our presents.


We like our Christmas TV specials, so during the evening if there are any on, we're usually watching them. Me, my mom and my sister love the soaps too, so we usually watch those. Si pretends he's not interested but usually has the most to say about them, he he! He thinks they're all doom and gloom, which when you think about it, they usually are!

We play games throughout the evening too. I'm contemplating picking up a new board game tomorrow morning, but am not too sure what to get :/. We have board games we can take to mom's though and I know there's loads at mom's from when me and my sister were kids, so we'll have enough to choose from :). I wrote a post about my favourite games to play at Christmas here.

The evening is when we tend to pig out the most, we normally have cheese and crackers, chocolates, nuts, sweets, crisps and just little bits and pieces really. I normally like to drink something a bit warming in the evening, like Jack Daniel's and coke or mulled wine. The festivities carry on throughout the night and usually into the early hours!

I love Christmas and although it goes sooo quickly, we always have such a fab day! I literally can't wait until tomorrow, but it all starts later on when we go to mom's and begin the festivities :).

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year! Enjoy every minute, including the food and presents, but most importantly, enjoy and cherish spending time with loved ones :).

I'm probably going to have a nice little break during Christmas and will be back with you all in the New Year :). Thanks for all your support during Blogmas! I've thoroughly enjoyed taking part and sharing my run up to Christmas with you all. See you in 2015!

Merry Christmas!
Gem XxOo

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