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BLOGMAS Day 12: BBC Good Food Show Winter...

I've been going to the BBC Good Food Show Winter in Birmingham since I was in high school. I studied food technology and I remember the teacher organising a day trip to the show. It was so much fun and since then I've been numerous times with my mom, my husband and sometimes my sister too. Since I've been blogging, I've had the opportunity to attend the show as press, which is lovely considering I've been going there for years! If you love food and drink then you'll love this show :). We went on the 30th of November this year, which was the last day of the show.

Me and mom having a jolly good time!

Me and my sister, resting our legs.

The BBC Good Food Show Winter is usually held over four days, in a huge hall at The NEC in Birmingham. The show is full of exhibitors that sell food, drink, cooking accessories and appliances and there are a few general home-ware stands thrown in in-between. There are also a lot of appliance and cooking demonstrations going on around the show and you can just stop and watch as you like. The food and drink exhibitors tend to offer samples, so that you can try before you buy and some of them are quite generous. You can also get better deals on some products within the show, rather than if you were to buy them outside of the show. There are live stages around the show, where celebrity chefs carry out cooking demonstrations. You can get a show guide as you go into the show (free of charge), so you can see where the live stages are and who is going to be on at certain times. The only live performance you have to book for (included within the admission ticket price), is the Supertheatre performance. This is for large audiences and when you book your admission ticket you can choose who you'd like to see and at what time.

We had a lovely day and Si (bless him) was snapping away so that I had some good pictures for my blog :). We also bought a few things, so I thought I'd share them with you too...

Arkay Sales 'Intelligent' Soup Maker. This was a demonstration that we watched where you can make hot smooth or chunky soup in minutes, using this one machine! Find out more here.

I tend to get the pre-prepared garlic in a jar because I hate the smell on my fingers when chopping it up! This Garlic Twist is something that I've seen time and time again at this show and it would make a lovely gift if you know someone who loves garlic, but doesn't like chopping it up. This little gadget minces garlic to perfection! Find out more here.

My mom bought this Lakeland Compact Chopper and I probably would have too but she has actually bought me something similar for Christmas from QVC, that I said I liked. It's normally £22.99 on the Lakeland website, but it was only £9.99 at the show, so it was a right bargain! Find out more here.

Rachel Allen carrying out a live cooking demonstration.

These little tubs are full of edible, crunchy bugs. Si was brave and tried a few of them but I was having none of it! I suppose if you're thinking of having a bush tucker challenge party, then these Crunchy Critters would be great. You can see what kind of bugs they have to offer here, you can even buy edible tarantula's :/.

Si trying a crunchy cricket! He didn't seem that fazed by it to be honest, he just kept mentioning that it was stuck in his teeth...nice!

This was the Jack And Gill Crafts stand. They specialise in embossing rolling pins (usually used with icing), and workshops. We had a good look at this stand as my mom loves making cakes, she bought one of their embossing rolling pins. See what they have to offer here.

This is the result of the embossing rolling pin that my mom bought. You can buy it here.

Here are some examples of cakes that were decorated using Jack And Gill Crafts products.

A Smeg fridge that I love the look of! I'd love one of these fridges, maybe in a different colour but I just love how retro it looks!

I picked this up at the show and remembered to take a snap of it before I finished it off! B Fresh make fresh, cold, pressed juices in Shropshire, England. They had many samples to try and they were sooo fresh! They have juices made with ingredients such as, carrot, beetroot, kale and spinach to name a few. I chose this one because it was the sweetest, it contains the most apple juice out of their range. Some of the others aren't sweet at all, but are good for different reasons. Find out more about their juices here.

We saw The Hairy Bikers in the Supertheatre.

They showed us how to make three recipes: scallops with coral sauce & cauliflower purée, turkey chilli with cauliflower rice and baked peaches. The chilli and peaches really appealed to me and I'll probably make them for me and Si :). I can only find two of the recipes online, but I've linked them for you anyway!

This stand was a favourite, especially for Si. Curry Dave specialise in making naan bread curry pizza! We got to this stand as the show was close to finishing, so we were given a couple of samples to try. It was delicious! You can see what they have to offer here.

Our sample of Curry Dave's naan bread pizza.

Here are the products that me and Si bought from the show, to take home...

I love it when a decision isn't hard to make and as soon as I had a sample of this, I knew I had to get it! It was £10 for a 500ml bottle, which I thought was a great deal! I love strawberries and vodka drinks, especially cocktails, so this appealed to me straight away! XUXU Strawberry Vodka is made with fresh strawberry pulp, crystal clear vodka and a squeeze of lime (also a favourite of mine). I'm looking forward to drinking it with sparkling wine at Christmas! It is made with 66% fruit and you can find ways of using it within drinks/cocktails here. You can purchase it here.

I thought I'd show you the drink within a glass. You can see that it coats the glass slightly, which shows you the fruit pulp and that it isn't just a pure vodka liquid, if you know what I mean :).

We came across the Suhana stand towards the end of the show, so we were pulled in by their offering of potato and curry sauce samples. Me and Si love curry and prefer to make our own the majority of the time, rather than get a takeaway. When we got there, they had a deal on where you could get 20 curry spice packets for £10. My mom asked if we wanted to go halves, so we both had 10 curry spice packets for £5 each. We love butter chicken (we've tried their Suhana Butter Chicken Mix before, we found it in B&M's and when I made it, it was delicious) so we chose a few of those, along with the Suhana Chicken Tikka Masala Mix and the Suhana Chicken Tandoori Mix. Just because it says 'chicken' on the ones I've mentioned, it doesn't mean you can't use vegetables instead. You can see their range of spice mixes here. I love their homepage, it looks like steam is coming off of the curry!

Here are the spice mixes we bought from the Suhana stand.

This Bekaert's Biscuit Butter is something that Si spotted before me and advised me to try it. It's a caramelised biscuit spread with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. One thing I will say is that it is very moreish, so if you initially like it, you'll want more and more. They had a crunchy option, but we opted for smooth. We actually bought some biscuits whilst we were in Birmingham to have with this, back in our hotel room, ha ha! As soon as you taste it, you get the biscuit taste and then the cinnamon comes through, mmm. I'm actually having more of it now, so I can try and describe it to you :), blogging purposes and all that! You can order, check out recipes and more on the website.

Excuse the state of it, but this is what the Biscuit Butter looks like :), it's really smooth and velvety!

I only have a couple of squares of this left! I love Eton Mess, so when I saw this chocolate bar, I had to have it. It is made with Hanley's luxury white chocolate, natural strawberry flavour, freeze dried strawberries and meringue pieces. I paid £3 for this at the show. You can buy this and find out more about Hanley's Premium Confectionery here.

The BBC Good Food Show, Birmingham is also on in the summer, but I've only ever been to the winter one. If you've been to the summer show, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below :). BBC Good Food also have other shows that you can attend. Find out more and book tickets here.

Have you ever been to a BBC Good Food Show?

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Thanks for reading lovelies!
Gem XxOo
* I was able to attend the show free of charge, as press. Me and Si took a lot of our own pictures and it was my own choice to feature the above on my blog. Also, I was not gifted any of the items mentioned above.

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