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BLOGMAS Day 11: The Christmas Memories Tag (Husband & Wife Edition)...

Welcome to Blogmas Day 11 lovelies! I actually made up this tag myself and thought it'd be a nice touch to also have Si answer the questions so you can see the comparison of childhood memories between me and my hubby :).

Feel free to do this tag yourself and let me know if you do it either via the comments section below or on Twitter (@GemsGemz86), I'd love to see your answers :).

1. What is your very first memory of Christmas?

Gem - My first memory is something that used to happen every Christmas Day when me and my sister were kids and I mentioned this in 'The Christmas Tag' that I did on Blogmas Day 1. When we finally woke our parents up to go downstairs to see if 'Santa' had been. My dad would lead us downstairs and the living room door would be shut and he'd always say 'let me have a look first to see if HE has been'. He did this for years and even when we started to grow up, as a joke. I don't think he wanted to stop, ha! This just stands out to me as something that I always remember.

Si - I'm not very good at putting memories into chronological order, but one of my earliest memories would be going shopping with my mom and dad in town and all the Christmas lights were on and there was music playing in all the shops. I remember choosing a horrible yellow jumper as a present!

2. What was your favourite thing about Christmas as a child?

Gem - Probably the whole believing in Santa thing and the magic of it all. I still feel that Christmas time is extremely magical, I get so excited every year, there's just something about it. I can't specifically remember 'believing', but I know I did and it must have felt amazing at the time to think that what you were told about Santa was true. I can't wait for my children to enjoy the magic of Christmas and Santa for as long as possible :).

Si - Everything. Me and my sister used to start playing Christmas songs in late October to get excited. I loved the decorations and the mood. I also loved how TV programmes had Christmas specials.

3. What did you do at Christmas as a child that you don't do now?

Gem - Leave cookies and milk out for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph?

Si - Apart from be sober? I do quite a lot of similar things to be honest. I'm quite nostalgic and like tradition. I don't stick a mince pie and some sherry out for Santa any more though, he gets enough without me feeding him too.

4. What do you do at Christmas now that you didn't do as a child?

Gem - Buy for a lot more people and drink mulled wine and hot Pimms and apple juice :).

Si - I suppose Gem's traditions that I've picked up over the years that I didn't do as a child, like having a stocking with some presents on the bed to open as soon as we wake up Christmas morning.

5. Did you prefer Christmas as a child or at your age now?

Gem - This is hard because like I said above the whole believing in Santa is what Christmas is about as a child really. As an adult I probably appreciate it a lot more as I now buy presents, buy food, decorate the house etc. Apart from believing, Christmas hasn't really changed for me. It's still my favourite time of year and I just love the general excitement that's in the air.

Si - I would say I preferred it slightly more as a child but only a smidgen.

6. Have you ever been away for Christmas? If not, where would you choose to go if you could?

Gem - I haven't been away for Christmas Day but I went to New York just before Christmas in 2010 for a few days with Si, but we were back before Christmas Day. I think it would be amazing to experience Christmas Day somewhere else, even if it was only the once. New York would be an amazing place to be on Christmas Day. I'd love to go skiing during the Christmas season too, maybe just before Christmas Day though.

Si - We went to New York for a few days, just before Christmas in 2010. We went from the 15th to the 20th of December. I've never been away for the actual day though. I would love to spend the actual day in New York. There's something so magical about New York, especially at that time of year!

7. What Christmas traditions do you remember from school?

Gem - In junior school, we used to have Christmas plays which were always fun to be honest. I used to love being in the chorus, singing and dancing :). There also used to be a postbox for Christmas cards and it'd be emptied each day and the cards would be given out. Everyone loved that, at the end of each school day, taking a pile of Christmas cards home! Oh and the Christmas disco. Junior school was great! I don't really remember any specific traditions in high school apart from we might have a few 'watch a video' days towards the end of term.

Si - I went to a Catholic school so we had Christmas mass at the nearby church, which as an 8 year old, made me incredibly bored. We also used to do nativity plays, which I love, but I only ever got parts like the donkey.

8. Have you ever seen any Christmas pantomimes?

Gem - Yes and they are great! So much fun for all of the family. I've seen a few over the years but I seem to remember Aladdin and Jack & The Beanstalk being a couple of the ones I've seen :).

Si - Yes, quite a few with Gem.

9. Be honest, what's the worst or strangest present you've ever received?

Gem - People are normally quite good when it comes to buying for me so I'm normally really lucky and of course, grateful. However, my mom especially but Si too knows that when it comes to bath and body items, I don't mind trying out new products and new brands. However, you know those sets that aren't branded and they have names such as (I'm making these up) bubbly bath & shower gel or creamy body lotion and that is literally their name, no brand or anything, these are items that normally stay in my bottom drawer until I'm desperate. There's something about them that I'm not overly keen on and they have so many ingredients in them too.

Si - No gift is a bad gift really. I can't think of any I've received that have been strange either.

10. When did you stop believing in Santa and what was the reason?

Gem - As I got older, I kind of just figured it out. I don't remember my mom or dad actually sitting me down and having to explain it to me. However, I do remember at a young age that I wrote a note on top of my stocking before I went to sleep and it said something like 'Santa, if you're real, please sign here'. Lol, it makes me laugh thinking about that now. In the morning, I woke up and there was Santa Claus's signature, blatantly in my mom's handwriting!

Si - Still believe.

Do you have a specific Christmas memory from your childhood?

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