Monday, 11 March 2013

25 Facts About Me...

Hey lovelies! I've seen a few of these '25 facts about me' posts recently and decided that I wanted to do one of my own :). I like reading posts like this and getting to know a bit more about fellow bloggers. So, here goes...

1. My favourite music artists are: The Script, Take That, Katy Perry, Jessie J, Example and Calvin Harris. I also love 90's club tunes!

2. I played the violin in high school. I think I started in year 8 and carried on until I was in year 10/11. I passed my grade 1 during this time.

3. I have one sibling, a younger sister. I chose her name when she was born, I called her Michelle. Apparently it was after Michelle from Eastenders ha ha.

Me and my sister.

4. I was pretty accident prone when I was younger. I have two scars on my on the inside of my left eyebrow from when my dad accidentally hit me there with a golf club :/. He was practising his swing in the garden and I remember him telling me where to stand out the way. For some reason, just before he was about to take a swing, I went and bent down to the tee (god knows why, I can't remember. Whether I thought it needed straightening up or something, I really don't know :/). The golf club hit me on the fore head, obviously I was bleeding above the eye, I was taken to the doctors and luckily only had to have butterfly stitches. Another scar I have is just under my nose/above my lip, where I fell over on the way to school one day. I remember just getting off of the bus, crossing the road and I had my violin in one hand and a big clear technology folder in my other hand. I reached the kerb across the road, stepped up onto it, walked about one step and fell literally flat on my face (I later saw that there was a big lump of tarmac just sticking up on the pavement. I always wonder why I didn't make a claim :/). My reaction wasn't quick enough to put my hands out because of what I was holding. My friends who saw me fall came with me to the medical room at school and I was cleaned up and I remember it really shocked me because I literally couldn't talk. I was sent home, but had to go to my uncle's for a while cause the school couldn't get in touch with anyone else initially. It took me ages to get over that shock. Luckily, the scars are light white and don't bother me, they can be easily covered. I fell over loads of times when I was younger, scraping my knees and hands LOADS! I don't have any other major scars from those times though.

5. I'm definitely in favour of savoury foods, rather than sweet. I have to seriously be in the mood for anything sweet like sweets, chocolate, cakes etc.

6. I'd say I'm a light sleeper. Even when I'm asleep I can pretty much hear anything. I think this has become the case as I've got older though because when I was younger apparently I slept through an earthquake. Now though it seems any little sound I'm aware of. I hate it.

7. I always think of other people before myself and am a friendly, approachable person. I treat people how I want to be treated. However, if people are funny with me, cross me or think they can treat me like crap/walk all over me...I'll make sure they know that they can't.

8. When I was about 3/4, I've been told my favourite song was Kylie Minogue's, I Should Be So Lucky. Apparently I used to go around just saying 'lucky, lucky, lucky', 'lucky, lucky, lucky'. Ha!

Me as a little un!

9. I've only ever had three pets that were actually mine. I had a hamster when I was about 10 called Susie, but she bit a lot and at that age I was too scared to handle her really. She died strangely though, my dad came to see to her one morning and she was dead and had all maggots underneath her :/. Ew! Then about four years ago I got two female guinea pigs called Tink and Belle. Belle unfortunately died last year, she had a cancer growth :(. My little Tink is still alive and lovely, she's quite shy/timid, Belle was the boisterous one really but Tink has a soft toy in her hutch that she cuddles up to and pushes around lol.

Me and my little Tink!

10. My favourite author as a child was Enid Blyton.

11. When I was in junior school and high school I used to take part in all the school plays. I always used to go for the singing and dancing parts. I loved dancing when I was younger and even went to classes for a while. I remember how amazing it felt to put on the plays for everyone after all our hard work and my family coming to see me. One of my favourite plays I was in was Bugsy Malone which was in junior school. The thought of doing a play now though and rehearsing, remembering lines etc scares me. I don't think my nerves would take it, those little butterflies would be going wild in my tummy lol. Strange huh?

12. I worry unnecessarily. I worry about things that won't change regardless of how much I worry. So I have to deal with this but find that whatever I am worrying about is never as bad, ever, so it's just ridiculous and does my head in but I think I've got better recently and this is something I am definitely working on and trying to control cause it's silly.

13. 2010 has been the best year of my life so far. Me and Simon got engaged, we went to Los Angeles, we went travelling around Europe for a month and we went to New York, all in the same year. Can you tell we love travelling? I also resigned from my first job after graduating from university, after being there nearly three years, where I was incredibly unhappy, to the point where it was changing me as a person.

14. I love horror and thriller films! I also love reality TV shows from the UK and America.

15. I met Simon at the pub he used to work at. On a Thursday night me and my mum used to drive there to meet my dads side of the family for a pub quiz. Simon worked behind the bar and was always friendly but we never actually 'talked'. He said he used to say to his friends how lovely I was and that he really wanted to talk to me but felt too shy. I started going in the pub when I was 18 and we got together when I was 22. It took him five years to pluck up the courage to even say 'hi' really. I was in two relationships (separate obviously) during the years I was going in the pub, so that was prob part of the reason. However, he got in touch via Facebook when I was 22. I was single and since then he started talking to me when I went into the pub, over Facebook and we exchanged numbers. I started going up town with him on Thursday nights after the quiz and after he finished work. We started seeing each other and got together properly when he took me away for a weekend in Paignton :) it was lovely and as they say the rest is history...and now we are getting married next year and can't wait to get our own place, start a family etc. We both have one big interest in common...travelling! We love it and think it will always be part of our lives :). We'd be up and gone now if we had the funds ha. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and it's amazing to actually know how much someone loves you and that they would do anything for you. We are both brilliant support for each other, me for him particularly when his dad passed away :( and him for me in making the decision to resign from my job in 2010 and actually going through with it. He is amazing!

Si and me - one of our first pictures together :).

16. Aside from Simon, my mum is the most important person in my life. I mean I love my sister, dad and Si's fam to bits of course but my mum is my best friend and I don't know what I'd do without her. Just the thought of her not being here any more can bring me to tears. It pains me when shit happens to her, she is stressed, having money worries, having to go doctors etc. She deserves the best!

Mother dearest and me.

17. I hate spiders! This might seem like something most people don't like but if I see one in my room and it's scattering about before I have chance to get it, I have to keep looking for it until I can catch it. This is the case even if I have to pull out furniture etc.

18. At this time in my life, I much prefer going out for a nice meal, a few cocktails etc rather than a big night out on the town, getting really drunk etc. Simon is the same so that's good really, perfect match! We do the big night out sometimes where we get some of my family together and some of Si's fam together and we have jelly shots at mine with drunken jenga before we go to town and then go to a few places in town and have a good old dance. We prefer to do this from time to time though rather than all the time to keep it exciting and it just means we look forward to it more. Especially as there aren't many places in our town to go anyway, so it can get boring doing it all the time.

19. The sun instantly lifts my spirits cause it means I don't have to wear a coat, can go on nice walks with Si, can sit in a beer garden and have barbecues :).

20. I can't stand rude people, people who think they are better than everyone else, people who suddenly stop still right in front of you when you are walking in a flow through town or a shopping centre, people who lie, people who only get in touch when they want something and people who judge and think they know you when really they don't know anything at all.

21. I am a night owl rather than a morning person.

22. When I was younger I used to collect rubbers (erasers) and badges ha ha. I have no idea where these items are now :/.

23. I really want an Apple Mac laptop. I currently have a net-book that my lovely Si bought me for Christmas 2010, it was what I wanted at the time and hadn't started blogging or vlogging then. However, now it's fine for my blogging but not so great when it comes to editing and uploading any videos I make for YouTube, so I'd love an Apple Mac :).

24. My favourite flowers are tulips.

Courtesy of

25. At this point in my life and taking into consideration new interests etc if I could re-wind time I would probably have done a Human Resources or Public Relations degree at university. My degree hasn't really got me anywhere and I don't even know whether it was part of the reason why I got my first job after university. I wouldn't particularly want to go back to university now though. I am more motivated to work and earn because of my age and plans that me and Si have. I don't mind learning on the job but just taking on more education alone without earning anything doesn't really appeal to me now.

There you have it...25 random facts about me! I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

Let me know what you think and if any of you relate to any of my facts :).

Gem XxOo


  1. I enjoyed reading this! I used to collect erasers too when I was little - those cute ones which had like 5 sections you could make into little animals?? Amazing haha.

    Jess xo

    1. Hey! Aw thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :). Oh yes, I get what you mean. I remember having one that was like jigsaw pieces and you matched them together to make a cube kinda thing lol. it, random chat about erasers lol. X

  2. this is a great idea :) thanks for sharing!


    1. Aww, thank you :). I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! X

  3. Wow such a cool post ! I really enjoyed reading it :D Thanks for sharing your personal stories, thought etc. with us :)

    1. Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it :). You're welcome, it was a fun post to write :). X

  4. <3 reading facts about other bloggers - great post!

    Be great if you could check out my latests outfit posts: Givenchy Rottweiler & my Boohoo Global Styler entry.

    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :). I'll check out your blog hun :). X


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