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Today I wanted to write a more serious post about something that concerns every woman and something we should be making sure we are doing correctly and more often. BE gLOVE is the new breast self-examination glove that is clinically proven to be as effective as mammography (but should not replace any regular mammography checks that you do have) and is more effective than using your bare hands to check for lumps.

Picture courtesy of BE gLOVE.

BE gLOVE carried out a survey on women aged between 36-60 and here are some of the shocking findings:

- 55% had no idea how to undertake a breast self-examination.

- 88% had no idea that pushing too hard on your breast could mean you push the lumps away.

- 70% of women undertake a breast self-examination a couple of times a year when they should be doing them on a monthly basis as early detection of lumps is linked to an improved survival rate.

As women, we know we should regularly check for lumps and although the prospect of finding a lump is frightening, if we do find one, the earlier it is detected the higher the chance of survival. As daunting and as straight to the point as it is, it is really important that as women we check for lumps on a regular, at least monthly basis and that we check correctly. I try and check as often as I can, but I will be the first to admit it is a scary thought, the prospect of finding something and immediately thinking (in politer words)...crap!

I received BE gLOVE to try out for myself and I have it in a noticeable place to always remind me to use it. It is a soft, ultra-thin, polyurethane pocket, that has a liquid substance inside the side that touches your skin. I have tiny hands so the glove was massive on me and took a while for me to get used to because obviously when handling the glove with the liquid in and standing upright the liquid just goes to the bottom of the glove, so I kind of had to get the knack of levelling out the liquid within the glove to do the examination without the liquid just going to the bottom of the glove. If you decide to purchase one of these, initially you will know what I mean, but you should soon get the hang of it. It might be better to use whilst lying down to be honest, I usually stand up but I might try lying down whilst using it in future to see if that helps.

The glove reduces friction between your skin and fingers so it just glides smoothly and with ease over your skin. The glove also has a 'lock and enlarge' mechanism, which means that it locks your skin in place and magnifies your sense of touch 15 times, so even the smallest of lumps can be found. It also stops you pushing any lumps away. You can definitely feel the difference between using the BE gLOVE and using your fingers. Using the glove provides a much lighter, smoother examination.

In a clinical study, women who performed an examination using BE gLOVE detected 100% of the breast lumps identified by mammography, whilst those using their bare hands detected only 50% of the lumps. I think this is an amazing piece of information and just encourages me to keep using the glove rather than my own hands.

You can find out more about BE gLOVE and how to use it on their website. Or give them a tweet @BE_gLOVE.

You can purchase BE gLOVE for £24.95 from their website and have it delivered to you within 3-7 working days :).

If you go ahead and buy BE gLOVE, let me know how you find it :).

Thanks so much for reading!
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  1. Thanks for this post. It's so important to do regular checks. We always worry about hair and make up and sometimes forget about the really important things. Thumbs Up for people who keep us reminding that breast cancer is something we have to take care of.

    1. You're welcome and thanks so much for taking the time to comment :). I'm glad you enjoyed reading and agree that we need to be made aware that we need to check often and more importantly correctly. If you can promote this post in any way I'd be really grateful :) x

  2. This sounds really interesting. I dont check half as much as I should and its probably down to not knowing if I'm doing it right. Thing like this make it easier for us x

    1. I'm glad you liked it :). Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you could tweet about my post or anything to raise more awareness I'd really appreciate it :) x

  3. Great post, this sounds interesting! xx

    1. Thanks so much and thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it :). If you could tweet about my post or anything to raise more awareness as I think it's important, that would be great :) x

  4. Great post, raise awareness :)xx


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