Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Jolly Good Studio...

If you have always followed my blog and YouTube channels you will know that I love hand made, hand crafted items. I love the individuality of such items and the fact that someone has sat there and lovingly made them with their own hands.

I especially love giving hand made jewellery companies coverage as sometimes I don't feel enough people know about them and honestly you can get some really unique, original jewellery from such companies and not as many people will have or be wearing such items than if you were to purchase jewellery from say Primark for example.

I want to introduce you to a hand made jewellery company called...Jolly Good Studio. Jolly Good is a small craft and design business set up by Helen Macdonald in 2008. She started the business after leaving university and started to make jewellery from unloved bits and bobs. She has now progressed with the business and creates jewellery aswell as illustrations, card designs, screen printing and more. I love the fact that she designs her pieces from the corner of her bedroom and doesn't have a massive studio or work place to create her items. It just goes to show that you don't necessarily need a massive space and lots of equipment/tools to start your own business (of course this depends on what you are making/selling), it is possible to make the most of what you have.

I have a few pieces made by Helen...



From the above items the teacup necklace and the scrabble letter necklace are still available but everything else has sold out. Helen likes to keep her jewellery on trend and fresh and tends to make new items rather than keep making old items to keep up with this. You can contact her though if you see an item she has made previously that you like the look of or if you have a specific design in mind that you would like her to create for you.

You can check out Helen's current pieces here in her Etsy store. She also has her own website which includes her blog, where you can read about her new designs, jewellery she loves etc. There is also more information about her on her website, ways to contact her and a link to her Etsy store. You can even sign up to her newsletter to receive previews and special offers.

My favourites of Helen's current pieces are...

                                   Coal Necklace                                      Coal Earrings
Pictures courtesy of Jolly Good Studio.

I love having some matching items amongst my jewellery, earrings and necklaces especially. You can also get coal rings to match these items.

Her prices are reasonable, nothing will shock you and she delivers worldwide which is always a bonus :).

Do you lovelies like hand made jewellery as much as I do?

What are your favourite pieces from Helen's collection?

Gem XxOo

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