All content belongs to me, the owner (Gemma Blaney) and is not intended to offend or upset anyone/anything.

All content is 100% honest and is based on my own thoughts/opinions/ideas, unless otherwise stated. Some of the items featured on my blog are bought by myself and some things feature because I have a general interest in the subject.

If an item has been sent to me by a company to be featured or reviewed on my blog, then this will be stated at the end of a post. Reviews are never swayed by a company and items are only accepted if it is something I have a genuine interest in.

All content, prices and links in any post are correct as of the date and time it has been posted.

All pictures belong to me, the owner, unless otherwise stated. If pictures belong to someone else then this will be stated. If you wish to use any of my pictures, please credit my name by them - Gemma Blaney.

I am not responsible for anything initially written in the blog comments. However, a decision will be made by myself to delete any comments which may be seen as offensive or could cause upset to anyone reading my blog.

I am not responsible for translation or interpretation of the content in another language.

As of August 2012: A * at the end of a post will let you know that there is a PR sample within the post. SP will let you know that the post is a sponsored one. The fact that I might receive something for free will not change my ethic of being 100% honest and truthful when it comes to such reviews/features. I want to be a source of honesty and truth for all you lovelies out there and I want this blog to be somewhere you can come for an honest review/feature of anything, with you feeling comfortable that you are reading a truthful review/feature and not a pile of rubbish to hype up something, just because I got a product/voucher for free :-). The same goes for sponsored posts, my honest opinion will always be within any feature/review that I do and I always let any company that wants to work with me know this before we finalise working together.

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If you wish to use any of my content, thoughts, views, opinions or ideas, please ask permission, credit my name - Gemma Blaney and link back to my blog.
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