Thursday, 8 September 2011

So...? Fragrance with Attitude...

So...? Fragrances really do take me back to my childhood - I used their perfumes and body sprays when I was growing up. I think they are perfectly suited to the younger generation as there are many soft, light fragrances in their range and they are quite inexpensive. I always remember asking my Mom to buy me So...? during my childhood and seem to remember this was a popular gift to receive from friends for Birthday Parties/Christmas. I think this was how I first discovered So...?, by receiving one of their perfumes as a gift.

Baring this in mind, I am now 25 and still love and use their fragrances :-). Their scents are suitable for all ages and there is bound to be a scent to suit you. I have acquired a more expensive taste in fragrances as I have grown up, but this brand has always remained a favourite of mine and even if I don't purchase their perfumes regularly, their body sprays are definitely a top choice to be dropped into my basket when I am out shopping.

I haven't tried all of their fragrances. However, they do have a wide range of scents each with their own notes of fragrance. A sure fire favourite of mine, even now, is So...? SuperStar, with it's Pomegranate, Fresh Orange and Passion Fruit scent, it is absolutely divine! If I need a body spray, I still can't resist popping this scent into my basket when I am out shopping.

    Picture on the left courtesy of the So...? Fragrance website.      
Picture on the right courtesy of .

The scent I most remember having when I was younger was So...? Kiss Me. This was lovely when I was younger, a really nice sweet scent that starts by teasing you with notes of Fresh Blackcurrants, Pineapple and Citron, before revealing layers of Sweet Vanilla (gorgeous) and Floral notes, rounded off by Musks and Woods. Not too overpowering for little me, back in the day! I do tend to go for more stronger, deeper scents now but this scent reminds me so much of my childhood! It's strange how scents can take you back...

       Pictures courtesy of the So...? Fragrance website.
I recently received a 50ml bottle of So...? Sinful perfume and a 75ml So...? Sinful body spray to try out and review. This is more of a mischievous, sensual scent rather than a youthful, innocent scent (which is how I would describe So...? Kiss Me-aside from the name). Even though there is that difference, both scents have Vanilla in them, so some notes of the fragrance are similar in that way. So...? Sinful combines a Fresh Strawberry scent with Juicy Pineapple (Mmm, Strawberries!) for a fruity scent, followed by Violet, Water-Lily and Jasmine before releasing notes of a Rich Creamy Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. I love floral scents and I love fruity scents and believe it or not they work really well together in this fragrance, even with a hint of Vanilla and Chocolate thrown in. I don't recall trying this scent when I was younger, but I can imagine I probably wouldn't have liked it as I do now, because to me it does smell like more of a 'grown up' smell.

        Picture courtesy of the So...? Fragrance website.

Although So...? Fragrances aren't just aimed at the younger generation (from childhood to early teens). The main reason I feel they are more suited to that generation is because of the amount of time the fragrances last on your skin. They don't last for ages and ages and do eventually fade within a few hours, which I feel for younger girls is ideal, whereas when you get older you tend to look for scents which do last longer on the skin. One thing I did notice though, if you spray the fragrance on your clothes, it does last longer that way.

So...? Fragrances are available to buy from the So... Fragrance website, which you can see here. However, they do only deliver to the UK. I always remember seeing So...? in Boots when I was younger and it is still sold there today. I also have a Body Care in my town centre, where they also sell So...? products - I get my So...? body sprays from there. You can also purchase So...? products from Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Asda, Superdrug, Tesco, The Fragrance Shop and The Perfume Shop.

Different stores sell So...? products at different prices, according to what offers/deals they have on. However, all average prices are on the So...? website.

For my lovely readers: I have a special offer exclusively for you!

1) Enter this code: BSI30_092011 during checkout to receive 30% off the So...? Sinful Fragrance.
2) The code is valid between the 8th September 2011 and the 15th September 2011.
3) The code can only be used on the So...? Fragrance UK E-Store website, which you will find here.
4) The subtotal minimum purchase is £20, but you can mix and match fragrances.
5) The offer is available to UK residents only, as they only deliver to the UK (sorry!).

Enjoy Lovelies!!

Did any of you use So...? products when you were younger?

Do any of you still use So...? products now?

What's your favourite fragrance from their range?

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Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: I was sent the 50ml So...? Sinful perfume and the 75ml So...? Sinful body spray for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Only Way is Batiste...

I used to be guilty of washing my hair pretty much every single day. I hated my hair looking greasy, lank and flat and I loved the fresh, bouncy just washed look - who doesn't?! When I was first introduced to Dry Shampoo - about two years ago, it was Batiste and I haven't looked back since.

I have spotted a lot of other Dry Shampoo's in stores like Superdrug and Boots, including Tresemme and own store brands. Some are even cheaper than Batiste but I always go back to Batiste and can honestly say I haven't bought or sampled any other brands of Dry Shampoo.

Batiste works perfectly for me. I love how they have so many different variations and scents including: Tropical, Boho, Fresh, Blush, Diva and many more, which you can see here. I also love how they have different sizes including: travel (50ml), regular (200ml) and large (400ml).

This is Batiste Dry Shampoo's Unique Selling Point:

'Batiste Dry Shampoo banishes oily roots, giving dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs without any water. A quick burst revitalises hair, adding body and texture and leaving it feeling clean and fresh. No need to worry about skipping a shampoo'.

There used to be many a mornings where I used to be late for things because if I hadn't had time the previous evening to wash my hair, I HAD to wash it in the morning. I didn't like going out with my hair looking horrible - finding Batiste was like a life saver and saved me sooo much time! Now I leave it at least a day in-between washes and sometimes even two, as I know I have Batiste to spray on to leave my hair looking, clean, fresh and bouncy...perfect!

I have tried many scents myself, those being: Boho (sweet, spirited scent), Diva (spicy, sensual scent), Original (clean, light scent), Tropical (coconut, exotic scent), XXL Volume (sweet, perfume scent), A Hint of Colour in Dark or Deep Brown (sweet scent) and Blush (floral, delicate scent). I tried out the hint of colour one for my hair type (Dark Brown) the once and it was great as it matched my hair colour but it doesn't stop me from buying any of the other non-colour types. To be honest it doesn't really matter to me, even though they are white in colour, as long as you spray it at the right distance and massage/brush it in, it is fine and looks great :-). I have never had a problem with the non-colour ones or with anyone saying that my hair looked white.

It is advised to use Batiste Dry Shampoo by doing the following: Shake the can vigorously and spray into your roots (just lift or section hair off and spray different parts of your hair), keeping the nozzle 30cm from your hair (this is important because if you spray it nearer your hair it will be a lot whiter and will be harder and take longer to massage in). Massage the Dry Shampoo into your hair using your fingertips, brush your hair and style as usual :-). Batiste have a video showing you how to do this and you can view it here

The most recent ones I have used are the 200ml Boho (£2.99), 200ml Tropical (£2.99) and the travel size 50ml Tropical (£1.55-which is great for travelling but also for popping in your bag for when you are out and about and your hair needs a quick re-fresh).

The Boho Dry Shampoo is a sweet fragrance with a citrusy vibe and perfect for festivals (as all Batiste Dry Shampoo's are). The Tropical Dry Shampoo has a lovely coconut smell and reminds me of holidays!

I have also tried one of the new Batiste Dry Shampoo's recently, this being the 200ml XXL Volume (£3.99). I was interested to try this because to be honest I think that the other scents provide your hair with a little volume (which I love), so I was keen to see how much volume this one gave.

 The XXL Volume Dry Shampoo has a sweet, perfume scent and does provide a lot of volume! You can really see the difference and you almost have to tame it down a little as it really does plump up your hair. It is an amazing product. The other scents do provide volume, but maybe not as much.

This is what the Batiste Dry Shampoo looks like when sprayed (apart from the hint of colour ones):

The product has a light, powder feel. It isn't sticky at all and doesn't weigh down your hair or make it feel gross or like it is full of product, it just makes your hair feel a little fuller/thicker and more so the more you use it over the day(s). As long as you stick to the 30cm distance before you spray it, it will look fab. It will affect how it looks and feels if you spray it any closer.

I tend to buy my Batiste Dry Shampoo from Boots or Superdrug, but there are many other stores that sell the product. You can view them all here.

The prices I have put against the most recent ones I have used (above) are the RRP prices, but different stores have different prices and offers - so you might want to shop around to get a good deal :-).

If I do more reviews on new Batiste Dry Shampoo's or new sizes I will do a before and after shot so you can see the difference the product makes :-).

Do any of you lovelies love Batiste as much as me?

Or do any of you swear by any other brands of Dry Shampoo?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: I have been sent the pictured products to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pictures: All pictures unless otherwise stated are my own. If you wish to use them please credit my name by them-Gemma Tranter.
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