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'The Bluebeards Revenge' Shaving Products for Men (and women if your sneaky hehe)...

My Fiance was thrilled at the prospect of trying out 'The Bluebeards Revenge' shaving products after seeing all the samples I get to try - bless him! I was given the chance to sample The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream 100ml (£9.99), The Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm 20ml (£2.99) and The Bluebeards Revenge 'Doubloon' Bristle Shaving Brush (£6.99) from the range.

          Shaving Cream                    Shaving Brush                    Post Shave Balm

                    (Pictures courtesy of

I thought this would be a perfect chance for me to blog from a male point of view but was also told that the shaving cream is great for women as it has an ingredient called Decelerine in it which reduces hair growth - who doesn't want this?!

You can find out all the information you need about the company, their products (they sell other products aswell as the products being reviewed in this post, for example: deodorants, body sprays, shaving accessories, shaving gift sets and razors), the science behind their products, reviews etc by checking out their website here. In the meantime, here are a few bits of info about the company and their products:

  • The Bluebeards Revenge is a premium range of quality shaving and skincare products aimed at 'mainly' men.
  • The flagship product in the range is the paraben free, premium quality shaving cream with added ingredients like Decelerine to specifically combat tough stubble and reduce hair growth.
  • The Bluebeards Revenge is known to virtually eradicate shaving rash, burns and those uncomfortable lumps and bumps.
  • The Bluebeards Revenge uses totally recyclable packaging.
  • The Bluebeards Revenge has a signature scent - based on a fresh and classic English barbershop scent with a modern twist.
  • Based on an almond sized amount, a 100ml tub of The Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream will last for about 50 shaves.
  • The Bluebeards Revenge range is made with vegetarian friendly ingredients.

I thought of a few questions that I can imagine people would want answers to regarding the products my Fiance got to sample and I asked them to him. Here are his responses:

What did you think of the fragrance of The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream and Post Shave Balm?

Both products smell really nice. The post shave balm is particularly nice, with a strong odour that lingers for hours.

What were your first thoughts on the packaging?

I think the packaging design is very original, especially with the skull and crossbones keeping to the 'Bluebeard' theme.

Do you think the products you received to sample are good value for money?

The shaving cream is quite pricey when looking at other shaving creams/foams, but you are paying for quality and it's definitely worth it. A little bit of cream goes a long way so the product last for ages! The sample size of the post shave balm lasts for about 1-2 weeks and I think it's a good price to try a product out and good that the company even offers this in the first place. The shaving brush is definitely worth the money as it is good quality and doesn't shed or feel uncomfortable when using it.

How do the products feel on your skin?

Both products I got to sample feel lovely and smooth on the skin and there is no irritation at all. The brush I sampled was also soft and doesn't scratch the skin.

What was the texture like for the two products you sampled?

The shaving cream is really creamy, it feels like a whipped cream - light and fluffy. The post shave balm is also really creamy but has more of a thicker consistency.

What were the best things about the products you sampled?

The post shave balm leaves a lovely smell on the skin and instead of it stinging it provides a cooling fresh feeling. I also noticed that when I started to use The Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream, I experienced no pain at all whilst shaving and this is normally a problem I face. Even though I read about the product having an ingredient that reduced hair growth, it was nice to actually experience it after about a month or two.

Did you find that The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream reduced hair growth over a period of time?

I have pretty much used all of the shaving cream now and having received it at the beginning of August 2011, it has lasted for four months, which I think is great for a shaving cream! I certainly feel it has reduced hair growth. I only shave once the hair is visible rather than shave when there is stubble and the product added days in-between shaves.

What is your overall opinion of The Bluebeards Revenge?

I am very impressed. The products make shaving less of a chore. I will definitely look to purchase more of The Bluebeards Revenge products in the future.

You can see that my Fiance's feedback is very positive. So I wanted to write this review to let all my readers know about this fabulous brand and their products. If you want to treat the man in your life or maybe you need a present idea for your dad, brother, uncle, grandad etc...then I think this is definitely something to consider! Or if you are a male reading this...then why not treat yourself to premium quality products and get the perfect smooth shave that you always look for. There are even 20ml samples to purchase of the shaving cream and the post shave balm for £2.99 each so you can give it a try before deciding to purchase the full size products.

You can also purchase The Bluebeards Revenge products at one of their leading online stockists here.

If you have any more questions regarding the products that my Fiance got to sample, feel free to ask me and I can ask him for you :-).

Have any of you tried this brand of shaving products before? If so, what did you think?

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Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: The products reviewed were sent to me for review consideration. All opinions are my own or my Fiance's and are 100% honest.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Miners Cosmetics...

When I was approached by Miners Cosmetics to become a reviewer of their products, not only was I honoured to be approached by a beauty brand, but also thrilled to be able to try out a brand I had never tried before. Making my reviews and opinions on them fresh.

Having received and sampled some of their beauty products, I have wondered why I haven't seen their products on the high street. Then I found out they are only sold online and in quality pharmacies. There was a time when I never used to buy anything online and I never really have a need to go into specific quality pharmacies. I do think they would do well being sold on the high street in stores like Superdrug and Boots. They are amazing value for money!

Miners Cosmetics are always in the press (I found this out from their website and the one magazine I tend to buy, I don't think they are covered in) and celebrities use their products. You can see some press coverage here. Miners Cosmetics was established in 1937 and they have over 70 years experience in bringing innovative and affordable make-up to the masses. They take inspiration from the leading trends and colours on the catwalk. Miners Cosmetics are constantly evolving and changing to keep up to date with each seasons must have look.

I wanted to carry out this review of the samples I have received so far and share some pictures with you to make you more aware of the brand and their products. Like me, I am sure there are plenty of girls out there that haven't heard of this brand before, or if you have, haven't seen the products on the high street and have wondered where they are being sold.

Here are the first set of samples I received. They are Pearls for Girls lip glosses. The range is made up of six illuminating shades. Each pearlescent shade has a gorgeous, iridescent finish. The lip glosses have pearly artwork surrounding the casing, which is centred entirely on its pearl theme. The glosses have a twist up end, which means the lip gloss release can be controlled and there won't be any waste. They are also ideal for people on the go, as everything is in one, rather than the tube and applicator being separate.

From left to right, top to bottom: Oyster, Pearly Girly, Pearly Kiss, Pink Pearl, Mother of Pearl and Crushed Pearl.

The brush applicator is really soft. Here is an example of what the brush looks like with the lip gloss being released:


The lip glosses have a lovely fruity smell. They aren't sticky at all, but soft and moisturising. They feel like a lip balm on the lips. Pearly Girly and Pink Pearl look extremely similar in colour on my pictures. They look different in the tube (they are lip glosses three and four in my very top picture), but come out very similar when applied. My favourites are Pearly Kiss and Crushed Pearl. I love these colours and how they provide a wash of colour to the lips, whilst making the lips so smooth and moisturised. The lip glosses are £3.49 each and can bought here.

Here are the second set of samples I received. They are Define and Line liquid eyeliners. The range is made up of three classic colours; black, brown and blue. The matte black bottle makes these eyeliners look sleek and professional. I love how compact they are and if you had all three they would all fit snugly in your make up bag without taking up a lot of space.

                                  From top to bottom: Blue, Brown and Black.

As someone who isn't a huge fan of liquid eyeliners, I was pleasantly surprised using these to find that they are really easy to use. The smaller applicator/handle gave me more control and my hand wasn't shaking all over the place, as I was closer to my eye and could get right in there. I have tried liquid eyeliners before with a longer applicator/handle and found it really hard to apply the eyeliner, as my hand was so far away from my face, it wasn't as controlled. The brush is also really pointed and defined so it is easy to create the perfect line and/or flick. I did learn not to go straight in there with a lot of product on the brush, because if you don't get the line thin enough it can end up on the top of your eyelid as it takes longer to dry. Start off with a small amount of product on your brush and it dries in seconds, then just build your line up that way. They are also amazingly smudge-proof, so you can rest assured it will stay in place all day, until you want to take it off. My favourite is the blue-I love how it makes the eyes stand out! The brown is lush aswell though, it gives a dark, mysterious look to the eyes. The eyeliners are £2.99 each and can be bought here.

                                     Picture courtesy of Miners Cosmetics PR.

Here are the third lot of samples I received. They include five city inspired colours and make up this years Miners Cosmetics Autumn and Winter nail polish collection. Again, the packaging is really sleek looking and compact, so won't take up much room where ever you choose to keep them. Here are the names behind the colours and the inspiration behind the names (as stated by Miners Cosmetics):

London's Calling - There is nothing dull about this gorgeous mushroom hue. Taking inspiration from the heart of London Town, London's calling is the perfect party shade for the new season.

Fairytale of New York - New York is the worlds most celebrated 'concrete jungle', with an eclectic mix of breath-taking buildings, skyline and stunning parks. This deep emerald shade takes the gorgeous colour from the Cities urban escape - Central Park with the brash, cosmopolitan attitude of the socialites found in Greenwich Village. It's the perfect shade for a heady fashion junkie!

Weekend in Paris - Paris...j'adore Paris, the romance capital of the world! Delicious delights of the Patisserie, breath-taking works at the Louvre and the stylish stores lining the Champs-Elysees - this shade emulates everything Parisian, a fashionable colour for the true romantic.

Plum - this is a new colour that has recently been added to the collection. For some reason it doesn't have a city based name, but is a gorgeous deep plum colour.

I find it easier to apply nail polishes when the bottle has a longer handle/brush. I am not sure of the exact reason for this, I just find it easier to work with. These nail polishes have a long handle/brush, so the application is really easy. I applied just two coats of each to get the above look for all my swatches. They dry in approx a minute and provide such a gorgeous glossy finish. My favourite colour is Fairytale of New York-I love the emerald green colour, it looks stunning on the nails! They are just £2.99 each and can be bought here.

They have plenty more products on the website, such a huge range, I feel it's a shame if people don't know about it. Especially as the prices are so reasonable and the products don't lack in quality at all. I look forward to telling you about more of their products in the this space!

You can find their website here.

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Disclaimer: I am a reviewer for Miners Cosmetics, so the above products were sent to me for review consideration. I do not have to review them, but I chose to, because I love the products and feel the brand needs more awareness. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Pictures: All pictures unless otherwise stated are my own. If you wish to use them please credit my name by them-Gemma Tranter.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Superdrug's LASH False Eyelashes...

You might already be aware that this Summer, Superdrug bought out their very own range of handmade false eyelashes called LASH. There are 8 different lash types in their range. So whether you are looking for a natural look, something to add volume to your own lashes or something more eye-catching, you are sure to find something you'll love! Each pack of false eyelashes contains a glue and has a picture on the front of a model wearing the specific lashes in that pack. They are also suitable for contact lens wearers-which I am, so that's a bonus! I had the opportunity to try out some of their range and see how they work for me. As someone who doesn't ordinarily wear false eyelashes, I enjoyed playing around with these lashes and changing my eyelash look from natural to voluminous.

                                           Picture courtesy of Superdrug PR.

I thought I would share these photographs with you, so you can see the finished look of each of the lashes I got to sample and see if they are something you would like :-).

These are the Natural - Edition 12 lashes. Probably my least favourite of the ones I got to sample. Although they do feel extremely natural, I don't like how sparse the lashes are. Even my natural lashes aren't this sparse. I also noticed with these ones that the lash line has a white strip (where as the other samples I have don't). I laid off the black eyeliner with these ones so you can see what I mean (the white bits by the lash line is the white strip). It is easily coverable with lots of black eyeliner :-). I think these lashes are ideal for daytime wear.

These are the Volume - Edition 21 lashes. You can see how much wider they make your eyes look. I love how they are more voluminous at the ends and are already so curled fresh from the box :-). Such gorgeous lashes for a glamorous night out!

These are the Intense Volume - Edition 31 lashes. These are very similar to the Volume - Edition 21 lashes, but these ones seem to be voluminous all round, rather than more at the ends. Again, in my opinion, these lashes are suited more for a glam party or night out rather than daytime wear.

These are the Double Volume - Edition 40 lashes and my favourite ones! I love how they are deep black in colour, so really make the eyes stand out. They also provide just the right amount of volume to be able to pull these off during the daytime, but are also suitable for a night time look. Very versatile!

They are so easy to apply and these are the application instructions on the reverse of each pack:

1. Lashes should be applied once make up is completed.
2. Carefully remove the lashes from the tray using a pair of tweezers and check the fit against your eye. If the lashes are too wide, trim from the outside edge to achieve the perfect fit.
3. Holding the lash with tweezers (or Superdrug's LASH applicator (£2.99)), apply a small amount of adhesive to the entire lash band, paying special attention to the ends. Wait 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky. Do not apply adhesive directly to the eyelid.
4. Position the lash slightly above your natural lash line and press gently along the entire lash band to fix in place. Hold the two ends for a few more seconds to fully secure. The adhesive will dry clear after a few minutes.
5. Once dry, lashes can be curled for a more pronounced look.

Removal Instructions:

1. To remove, gently peel the lash away from the outer edges.
2. Always remove before sleeping.

The lashes are really easy to apply and shouldn't feel uncomfortable. If they do, re-apply them. Here is a YouTube video from Superdrug, showing you how to apply their false lashes perfectly.

Like all own brand beauty items, Superdrug's lashes are BUAV approved (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection), so customers can feel good as well as look good.

The lashes range from £4.49-£5.49 and are exclusive to Superdrug. You can purchase the lashes in-store or online here.

Have any of you tried any of Superdrug's LASH false eyelashes?

Which ones do you prefer?

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Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: I was sent the Superdrug lashes for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Pictures: All pictures unless otherwise stated are my own. If you wish to use them please credit my name by them-Gemma Tranter.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

So...? Fragrance with Attitude...

So...? Fragrances really do take me back to my childhood - I used their perfumes and body sprays when I was growing up. I think they are perfectly suited to the younger generation as there are many soft, light fragrances in their range and they are quite inexpensive. I always remember asking my Mom to buy me So...? during my childhood and seem to remember this was a popular gift to receive from friends for Birthday Parties/Christmas. I think this was how I first discovered So...?, by receiving one of their perfumes as a gift.

Baring this in mind, I am now 25 and still love and use their fragrances :-). Their scents are suitable for all ages and there is bound to be a scent to suit you. I have acquired a more expensive taste in fragrances as I have grown up, but this brand has always remained a favourite of mine and even if I don't purchase their perfumes regularly, their body sprays are definitely a top choice to be dropped into my basket when I am out shopping.

I haven't tried all of their fragrances. However, they do have a wide range of scents each with their own notes of fragrance. A sure fire favourite of mine, even now, is So...? SuperStar, with it's Pomegranate, Fresh Orange and Passion Fruit scent, it is absolutely divine! If I need a body spray, I still can't resist popping this scent into my basket when I am out shopping.

    Picture on the left courtesy of the So...? Fragrance website.      
Picture on the right courtesy of .

The scent I most remember having when I was younger was So...? Kiss Me. This was lovely when I was younger, a really nice sweet scent that starts by teasing you with notes of Fresh Blackcurrants, Pineapple and Citron, before revealing layers of Sweet Vanilla (gorgeous) and Floral notes, rounded off by Musks and Woods. Not too overpowering for little me, back in the day! I do tend to go for more stronger, deeper scents now but this scent reminds me so much of my childhood! It's strange how scents can take you back...

       Pictures courtesy of the So...? Fragrance website.
I recently received a 50ml bottle of So...? Sinful perfume and a 75ml So...? Sinful body spray to try out and review. This is more of a mischievous, sensual scent rather than a youthful, innocent scent (which is how I would describe So...? Kiss Me-aside from the name). Even though there is that difference, both scents have Vanilla in them, so some notes of the fragrance are similar in that way. So...? Sinful combines a Fresh Strawberry scent with Juicy Pineapple (Mmm, Strawberries!) for a fruity scent, followed by Violet, Water-Lily and Jasmine before releasing notes of a Rich Creamy Vanilla and Dark Chocolate. I love floral scents and I love fruity scents and believe it or not they work really well together in this fragrance, even with a hint of Vanilla and Chocolate thrown in. I don't recall trying this scent when I was younger, but I can imagine I probably wouldn't have liked it as I do now, because to me it does smell like more of a 'grown up' smell.

        Picture courtesy of the So...? Fragrance website.

Although So...? Fragrances aren't just aimed at the younger generation (from childhood to early teens). The main reason I feel they are more suited to that generation is because of the amount of time the fragrances last on your skin. They don't last for ages and ages and do eventually fade within a few hours, which I feel for younger girls is ideal, whereas when you get older you tend to look for scents which do last longer on the skin. One thing I did notice though, if you spray the fragrance on your clothes, it does last longer that way.

So...? Fragrances are available to buy from the So... Fragrance website, which you can see here. However, they do only deliver to the UK. I always remember seeing So...? in Boots when I was younger and it is still sold there today. I also have a Body Care in my town centre, where they also sell So...? products - I get my So...? body sprays from there. You can also purchase So...? products from Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Asda, Superdrug, Tesco, The Fragrance Shop and The Perfume Shop.

Different stores sell So...? products at different prices, according to what offers/deals they have on. However, all average prices are on the So...? website.

For my lovely readers: I have a special offer exclusively for you!

1) Enter this code: BSI30_092011 during checkout to receive 30% off the So...? Sinful Fragrance.
2) The code is valid between the 8th September 2011 and the 15th September 2011.
3) The code can only be used on the So...? Fragrance UK E-Store website, which you will find here.
4) The subtotal minimum purchase is £20, but you can mix and match fragrances.
5) The offer is available to UK residents only, as they only deliver to the UK (sorry!).

Enjoy Lovelies!!

Did any of you use So...? products when you were younger?

Do any of you still use So...? products now?

What's your favourite fragrance from their range?

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Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: I was sent the 50ml So...? Sinful perfume and the 75ml So...? Sinful body spray for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Only Way is Batiste...

I used to be guilty of washing my hair pretty much every single day. I hated my hair looking greasy, lank and flat and I loved the fresh, bouncy just washed look - who doesn't?! When I was first introduced to Dry Shampoo - about two years ago, it was Batiste and I haven't looked back since.

I have spotted a lot of other Dry Shampoo's in stores like Superdrug and Boots, including Tresemme and own store brands. Some are even cheaper than Batiste but I always go back to Batiste and can honestly say I haven't bought or sampled any other brands of Dry Shampoo.

Batiste works perfectly for me. I love how they have so many different variations and scents including: Tropical, Boho, Fresh, Blush, Diva and many more, which you can see here. I also love how they have different sizes including: travel (50ml), regular (200ml) and large (400ml).

This is Batiste Dry Shampoo's Unique Selling Point:

'Batiste Dry Shampoo banishes oily roots, giving dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs without any water. A quick burst revitalises hair, adding body and texture and leaving it feeling clean and fresh. No need to worry about skipping a shampoo'.

There used to be many a mornings where I used to be late for things because if I hadn't had time the previous evening to wash my hair, I HAD to wash it in the morning. I didn't like going out with my hair looking horrible - finding Batiste was like a life saver and saved me sooo much time! Now I leave it at least a day in-between washes and sometimes even two, as I know I have Batiste to spray on to leave my hair looking, clean, fresh and bouncy...perfect!

I have tried many scents myself, those being: Boho (sweet, spirited scent), Diva (spicy, sensual scent), Original (clean, light scent), Tropical (coconut, exotic scent), XXL Volume (sweet, perfume scent), A Hint of Colour in Dark or Deep Brown (sweet scent) and Blush (floral, delicate scent). I tried out the hint of colour one for my hair type (Dark Brown) the once and it was great as it matched my hair colour but it doesn't stop me from buying any of the other non-colour types. To be honest it doesn't really matter to me, even though they are white in colour, as long as you spray it at the right distance and massage/brush it in, it is fine and looks great :-). I have never had a problem with the non-colour ones or with anyone saying that my hair looked white.

It is advised to use Batiste Dry Shampoo by doing the following: Shake the can vigorously and spray into your roots (just lift or section hair off and spray different parts of your hair), keeping the nozzle 30cm from your hair (this is important because if you spray it nearer your hair it will be a lot whiter and will be harder and take longer to massage in). Massage the Dry Shampoo into your hair using your fingertips, brush your hair and style as usual :-). Batiste have a video showing you how to do this and you can view it here

The most recent ones I have used are the 200ml Boho (£2.99), 200ml Tropical (£2.99) and the travel size 50ml Tropical (£1.55-which is great for travelling but also for popping in your bag for when you are out and about and your hair needs a quick re-fresh).

The Boho Dry Shampoo is a sweet fragrance with a citrusy vibe and perfect for festivals (as all Batiste Dry Shampoo's are). The Tropical Dry Shampoo has a lovely coconut smell and reminds me of holidays!

I have also tried one of the new Batiste Dry Shampoo's recently, this being the 200ml XXL Volume (£3.99). I was interested to try this because to be honest I think that the other scents provide your hair with a little volume (which I love), so I was keen to see how much volume this one gave.

 The XXL Volume Dry Shampoo has a sweet, perfume scent and does provide a lot of volume! You can really see the difference and you almost have to tame it down a little as it really does plump up your hair. It is an amazing product. The other scents do provide volume, but maybe not as much.

This is what the Batiste Dry Shampoo looks like when sprayed (apart from the hint of colour ones):

The product has a light, powder feel. It isn't sticky at all and doesn't weigh down your hair or make it feel gross or like it is full of product, it just makes your hair feel a little fuller/thicker and more so the more you use it over the day(s). As long as you stick to the 30cm distance before you spray it, it will look fab. It will affect how it looks and feels if you spray it any closer.

I tend to buy my Batiste Dry Shampoo from Boots or Superdrug, but there are many other stores that sell the product. You can view them all here.

The prices I have put against the most recent ones I have used (above) are the RRP prices, but different stores have different prices and offers - so you might want to shop around to get a good deal :-).

If I do more reviews on new Batiste Dry Shampoo's or new sizes I will do a before and after shot so you can see the difference the product makes :-).

Do any of you lovelies love Batiste as much as me?

Or do any of you swear by any other brands of Dry Shampoo?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading my post-please follow, like and comment :-).

Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: I have been sent the pictured products to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pictures: All pictures unless otherwise stated are my own. If you wish to use them please credit my name by them-Gemma Tranter.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Samantha Morris Prints (Featured in Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model House)...

If any of you are fans of Britain and Ireland's next Top Model 2011, you will know that the house they live in is well designed with unique, funky items here and there - little quirky things that you wish you had in your own house/bedroom...or is this just me?

I was recently contacted by the lovely Christianne, who is the PR lady for Samantha Morris (designer and print maker). Now I'm not going to lie, before she contacted me I personally didn't know who Samantha Morris was. However when I was introduced to Samantha and her work I was instantly interested and attracted to what she did, as it was right up my street.

I love unique items that add a little quirkiness to a room, a letter, a kitchen, a parcel and so on and so forth...especially if it involves Fashion/Beauty, which in this case, it does!

Samantha Morris has designed three specific prints that are featured in the house of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model 2011. I was so excited to see these prints because of the massive fashion connection! Here they are in the house:

                                     Picture courtesy of Christianne Lambert.

As you can see the prints have a fashion 'high heel' resemblance and are inspired by Alfred Hitchcock who is also a lover of fashion. The 'Hitchcock Shoe Series', as the prints are called, depict three of his most chilling films: The Birds, Dial M for Murder and Rear Window (In order from top to bottom), all with that fabulous Samantha Morris (Keep Glam and Rock On) twist!!!

You can see the prints in the house when the girls get emails from Elle Macpherson.

If you want to see the prints up close and personal, visit Samantha's fabulous website here. The prints are under the 'Prints Charming' section. I love all her quirky little section names and slogans :-). The prints are £25 each (without frames), they are 30cm x 40cm and all fit in standard frames. They are limited edition, so won't be there forever - I would snap them up while you can :-).

I have 'The Birds' print and I absolutely adore it! I feel somewhat special having it, I think mainly because I am hugely into Fashion but also Film so combining the two on a print is amazing. However, I have to say I love the fact that the print is one of three by Samantha Morris in the house of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model 2011 - and I have one!

Samantha also designs stationery, tea towels, mugs, cushions and much more, all with fabulous slogans and designs!

I would definitely recommend having a look at Samantha's website - if your anything like me, you will fall in love with her designs, products, prints and slogans :-).

I am really tempted to buy some of her other unique items, either for myself or as presents :-).

Thanks so much for reading my post - please follow, like and comment :-).

Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: Samantha sent me my print for review purposes, but I have not been paid to do this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Topshop Beauty...

As you are all probably aware, Topshop started selling beauty products back in 2010. The products have simple, but effectively sweet and chic packaging, which looks great on any dressing table or in any make-up bag. The cute spots and stripes add a fun element to the make-up, but don't take away the fact that the products are suitable for all ages.

I don't tend to shop online as much as I did last year (before the beauty products were released for sale) and my local Topshop has next to nothing beauty wise in store. I'm lucky if I go to my local Topshop and they have more than a couple of nail polishes, whereas if I go to a Topshop elsewhere, I'm blown away by the choice. So, the only time I really am able to look at the Topshop beauty products (wide range) is if I go to Birmingham or London.

I recently was given the opportunity to test and review some Topshop beauty products and I'm not going to lie-I jumped at the chance. I haven't been able to splash out as much recently, so although I have wanted to buy many items from the Topshop beauty products range, I have had to be a good girl.

Anyway, I have had so much fun trying out different items and some I liked and others not so much. I didn't choose the products myself to review, I was just sent a range so it wasn't biased that I was sure to like every single thing. Some of the items don't seem to be available online anymore for some reason, so I won't be able to provide links for all. Instead, I will put the prices in as I am talking about each item and I will put the Topshop website at the bottom of my post. You might be better off going into a Topshop store though (especially Birmingham and London as they have more of a range-I am not sure about anywhere else, apart from where I live where it is pants lol).

I'm going to start with Lipsticks...

From left to right: On The Town and Ohh La La.

My first impressions of these colours were mixed, when I first saw the orange/coral one I absolutely loved it! Mainly because I am really into coral/peach colour make-up at the minute. I have to apply it thinly and sparingly, as if it is too bright it doesn't suit me as much-but I still love the colour! The purple one on the other hand, I was unsure about. When I swatched it on my hand (the morning I received it), I still wasn't sure. It is quite a sheer colour, which I know quite a lot of my subscribers on YouTube like. However, with me I tend to go for block colours (whether bright or subtle) not sheer. I just don't think they suit me as much.

The lipsticks are velvet finish and are designed to smooth, moisturise and nourish lips. They don't dry out the lips and are matte in terms of no sparkle. They do have a shiny finish-so you don't really need to add a shiny lip gloss on top as they look perfect on their own. In my opinion, I feel they are really pigmented. You don't have to be too hasty applying the lipstick, they are full of colour and a quick swipe is really all you need-I didn't need much anyway for full colour lips. The only thing I would say beforehand is make sure you have smooth lips before applying this, because they do accentuate any dry patches you might have, even slight ones. These lipsticks are currently £8 each.

Nail Polishes...

From left to right: Sandy Lane and Dust Storm.

On first impressions, I have to be honest, I wasn't sure about either of these colours. I will tell you why. Sandy Lane just didn't appeal to me colour wise. I have very pale skin and I thought that this would be suited to those with a bit more of a tan than me. Dust storm I wasn't sure about because it was an iridescent colour and quite transparent (it wasn't a block colour). Again, the same as with lipsticks I tend to stick to block colours in nail polishes and have never myself bought a sheer colour as I always thought if you can hardly see the polish on your nails, what's the point?

How wrong was I?! I tried wearing Dust Storm first for the simple fact that it was a purple/pink colour (I love purple). You do need two coats of this, but you do with Sandy Lane aswell, so it doesn't really matter that it is quite a transparent colour-two coats will provide full coverage (well it did for me anyway). I must admit that when applied and dried (which took about 2-3 minutes) I was quite taken back by how beautiful it was. Now, I know you might think that's a bit over the top, but this is coming from someone who doesn't go for these types of polishes. It is such a gorgeous purple iridescent colour with pink sparkle. I will definitely not be so ignorant to polishes like this in the future and I will test them or try them out.

So, if you are like me-give them a chance, you might be surprised, especially with this one! It lasts just over a week without chipping and I must admit I don't always apply a top coat under or over the polish. So if you do, you might get more wear out of it :-). Sandy Lane on the other hand, has all the same features as Dust Storm (drying time, chipping time, two coat coverage), but I just wasn't keen on the colour. I did try it, but it didn't look right and so it didn't stay on my nails that long before I took it off. I might try it when I have a tan or when I fake tan and see what it looks like then. These nail polishes are currently £5 each.

Skin Tint...

I received this in light and I was interested and keen to try it as I am fussy with foundations/tinted moisturisers as I struggle to find ones that suit my skin tone and aren't too heavy. My perfect foundation is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua-B20, so I like light foundations that still provide coverage and am always looking for foundations/tinted moisturisers to match this. The first thing I noticed about this skin tint was the smell. It smells like Johnson's baby lotion-the pink bottle. Such a lovely smell.

This is what it looks like when first pumped onto my hand...

So already you can see it is darker than my skin tone and this is meant to be the light version :-/.

Rubbing it in...

You can see how dark this is. So putting this on my face (which I did when I first received it), I wasn't too keen to be honest. It took some serious blending in and even when I had finished it still didn't look or feel right-it just obviously isn't meant for me.

This is what it looked like blended all the way in...

  From left to right: hand with skin tint on and hand without the skin tint on.

You can see that the hand with the skin tint on has a little bit more colour to it than the hand without. So you can tell it has been applied. It took some serious blending though. I also found that it is quite heavy and thick for the face. It also doesn't provide much coverage. It's not so much greasy but I knew I had it on, whereas with the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything (I compare it to that because that's what I prefer-so if I can find one similar that's cheaper, that would be fab, but this isn't the one). I feel this would be good for an instant wash off tan, people with the same skin tone as me could get a darker version which would work fab for the body, but I wouldn't recommend it for the face. However, for day to day use, this isn't for me. On the Topshop website there are currently two reviews, both 5 out of 5. So it is clear some people really like it-it just goes to show, don't be put off by this if you do have the same skin tone as me because you may find it works for you :-). This skin tint is currently £10.

Waterproof Mascara...

I was sent this mascara in Raven which is Black. The brush is an even all round brush, medium sized. I first noticed when taking the wand out of the tube that there was a lot of product on the brush and I had to wipe some off onto the tube before applying because I don't really like clumpy lashes, which is what the wand looked like it would produce with all that product. If you apply mascara with a heavy hand you will more than likely experience getting this on your lids, as the formula of the mascara is quite gloopy. I love love love the colour of this-I know it is just Black but it is deep Black and I love Ultra Black mascara on my lashes, it just makes them look more defined and makes my eyes stand out. After I wiped the excess out on the tube, the application went without any trouble at all. The mascara does last all day without flaking or smudging. The mascara I can say definitely lengthens and thickens the lashes-it really makes your eyes stand out. It looks like you are wearing false lashes, but without the worry of them falling off. I can't really comment on the waterproof feature of the mascara, as I haven't experienced getting my lashes wet whilst wearing this. However, I have to say it does take a while to get off :-/ so this is probably the waterproof feature kicking in :-). This mascara is currently £8.

Gel Liner and Liner Brush...

The gel liner is in Ink (Black) and I was really happy to receive this as I have never used a gel eye-liner. I have always stuck to Kohl pencil liners. I was a little bit unsure about this because I have always stayed away from liquid liners because I don't seem to have the knack when it comes to applying them, so I thought this would be the same. However, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy this was to apply. The liner brush is perfect with this and the gel liner goes on really smoothly, so there is no dragging of the lid. Again, as it is deep black, it really makes the eyes stand out. It doesn't smudge and lasts all day without budging. It doesn't fade throughout the day either, it stays a solid, block colour-it's perfect! I love using this and there is so much product in the tub it is going to last for ages. The gel liner is currently £8 and the liner brush is currently £4.

Kohl Pencil Liner...

I received this in Dragonfly, which is a Metallic Green, although it looks black. It is a really really dark Green. I'm confused about this colour because on the Topshop website pictures, the colour is green, you can tell it is green. However, I have swatched this everywhere, in different lights and it still comes out as the above swatched colour-which looks black :-/. You can surely say that the colour is intense. The pencil is so so soft when applying this liner, which is perfect, there is nothing worse than a hard pencil liner dragging across your lid :-(. It is really easy to apply and tends to stay in place, but I have found that it doesn't stay put as much as the gel liner does. You can blend and smudge this a lot easier-for a smokier eye. It does have a sparkle to it, but it is seriously minor and subtle, so nothing too daring, just pretty :-). I love this as I wear coloured liner pencil on my top lash line all the time-so this is perfect for me. This kohl pencil liner is currently £4.

Semi-Permanent Liner...

I received this in Infinite and this is one super long lasting liner! It is for sure called 'semi-permanent' for a reason, although I would call it pretty much permanent. If you are someone who is always on the go, in a rush, never stops throughout the day and is always worrying about smudging your make-up. This is definitely a product for you. It stays put for ages! Definitely all day and if you weren't to take it off, I wouldn't be uncertain about it lasting days maybe even a week :-/. I was shocked at how smudge-proof this was and I thought the gel liner was good! It does have a subtle shimmer, but nothing that is going to be too much for a day look. You can smudge this before it dries for a smoky look, but you have to be quick lol. It does recommend on the packaging to use an oil based make-up remover to get it off...highly recommended! I love this product though-I'm tempted to get more colours! This is currently £8.

Now onto a product I have bought myself...

Cream to Powder Blush...
Picture courtesy of the Topshop website.

I have mine in Neon Rose (above). It is gorgeous and described as being coral on the website. It doesn't really look like a coral colour in real life-I don't think. It is more of a deep pink. When applied it gives a really rosy glow to the cheeks. It is really easy to apply/blend and a little goes a long way. I have found with this that it can accentuate dry skin a little, if you have it. So I would recommend moisturising especially well if you are going to use this. I do love the blusher though and it lasts for ages which is great! I really want to get the more peachy colours in this type of blush :-). This is currently £6.

I absolutely love Topshop beauty products and although there are some products that aren't for me, there is definitely a huge range to choose from to find the right products :-). Most items that have faults (in my opinion) make up for it in other ways. There is definitely something to suit everyone! Have a look in your local Topshop for their range of beauty products or have a look on the Topshop website here.

Have any of you lovelies tried Topshop beauty products?

What are your favourite products and your not so favourite products?

Thanks so much for reading my post-please follow, like and comment :-).

Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: I would just like to add that even though I have been sent these products to review (apart from the Neon Rose Blush), I am an honest person and all my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pictures: All pictures unless otherwise stated are my own. If you wish to use them please credit my name by them-Gemma Tranter.
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