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The All In One Company...

Onesies have become so popular, even more so recently. You see people wearing them in magazines, in television programmes and I've seen quite a few of my blogging and vlogging friends wearing them in Instagram pics or through blog posts/videos. They are everywhere and there are some gorgeous designs out there!

As it is still winter and definitely still that time of year where we want to just snuggle up and feel cosy on cold  nights, I thought I would introduce you to a company that specialises in making onesies ethically in the UK and they deliver worldwide...The All In One Company! Kate Dawson started the company in October 2008 after she couldn't find sleep-suits for her own children on the high street. The hugely successful company is now making all in ones for people of all ages and sizes all over the world and as their all in ones are made to order, they can fulfil nearly all special requirements. You can read some more about the company and meet their team here.

That's what I like about this company, they don't just have lots of the same design all ready to go, stacked up, row after row. You design your own onesie on their website and choose everything from whether you want a patterned one, a plain one, a cuddle one or whether you want to mix and match all of these and totally mix it up. Then you can choose whether you want to make it for a woman, a man or a child. Also along the way of designing your own onesie, you get to choose the size (of course - there is a size chart on the website, so you can see what size is best to get), the inside leg length, the kind of zip, whether you want a drop seat (so it's easier to go to the toilet in your onesie), what cuffs you'd like, the fabric type and of course colour. You can also choose add on's, such as: a hood, ears, tail, mittens, pockets and feet. Then lastly, you can personalise your onesie if you so wish, with images, wording or just initials.

The basic onesie price depends on what style and size you want, with prices differing depending on whether you are buying for a man, a woman or a child (due to less or more material being used). From what I can see on the website to design your own onesie, prices start from just over £20 for kids and go up to just short of £60 for men and this is without any add on's. Apart from the zip tab, everything on the first design page is included, but when you get to the add on page, most of the things there, you have to pay extra for. For example to add a hood is £8.99, ears are £5.50, mittens are £5.99 and to add on feet is £6.99. However, you are paying for your own unique, one-off, originally designed by you onesie! You can see how the price could easily build up, but depending on how unique you want your onesie to be, you could always keep costs down and not add on too much. I like having a play around designing different ones and the prices are clear as you are designing, so you can see what everything is going to cost you and add things or take things off as you go. Have a go at designing your own here.

If you don't have time to design your own and just want a pre-designed one as quickly as possible, you can choose from their fast track range and have it dispatched within three days. Otherwise you could buy a celebrity onesie (read about which celebs/people have been seen in onesies by this company), which is basically a onesie that the company has designed for a celebrity and they have been pictured wearing it, so you may have seen these pictures yourself! If you like the look of one, chances are they have it available for sale on their website, you can see these here.

The All In One Company also have items to purchase on their website, such as bedtime bears, similar to the Build A Bear Company. You can purchase one of their bears and then design onesies for sweet! They also have accessories for sale, such as bed hats, hot water bottle covers, separate add on mittens and add on feet.

Aswell as designing one for yourself, how lovely would a onesie be as a very special, unique and lovingly made gift! If you aren't sure the kind of design the recipient would like, there is always the option of vouchers, which start from £10 and go up to £100.

I was lucky enough to have a onesie made for me. I mentioned a few months before Christmas about me and Si going camping. We were going to go in September/October, but something came up meaning we couldn't make it :(. We had built ourselves up to look forward to it, as Si loves camping but I wasn't too keen, but we had plans and ideas and stuff, so we were really looking forward to it. Anyway, The All In One Company made me my own onesie, to initially go camping with. However, as this didn't happen, it has been lovely to snuggle up in on a cold night or to just lounge around you do.

Well and truly cosied up!

I didn't choose the design or features, they simply asked my size and I said I'd love a girly one with a hood and feet. So I received a Snuggle Bunny Pink Cuddle All In One with a hood, pockets and detachable feet. It is soooo warm and cosy, great for winter, I think come summer though, I'm going to need a lighter one. My onesie total was £80.46, which seems a lot and I don't think I could have afforded that much myself, well not at the moment anyway, but it was a lovely gift to receive and definitely a company and concept I wanted to tell you all about :). I love how you can really go to town on the design and make it just the way you want it!

Like I said above, they ship worldwide, so you can see the delivery costs here.

Do any of you lovelies have a onesie from this company?

I'd love to know what kind of onesies you all have and where you got them from :).

Thanks so much for reading!
Gem XxOo

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