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Table Table Pub Restaurants: Winter Menu...

As this is my first post of the New Year, before I start...Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year :).

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time out. Me and Si love going out somewhere nice to eat when we can, in a chilled out atmosphere, with a bottle of wine and each others company. It's a lovely treat for us and something we look forward to.

We have been to many different brands of restaurants, but one of our favourites is 'Table Table'. Table Table pub restaurants have a bar where you can just go in and drink, but they also have a lovely restaurant area, where the decor is really stylish and makes you feel really comfy and cozy. Our local Table Table has some bricked decor, with logs and fires, like you're at home. We have been to a few of their pub restaurants and it is a lovely chilled out place to be and they have the same kind of feel throughout all of their pub restaurants.

We went to our local Table Table pub restaurant not long ago and found that they had a new Autumn/Winter menu. I love it when you go to a restaurant and the menu is different from when you went last time. It gets boring when the menu is always the same, so we were thrilled to be able to have a look at something different. We had three courses, one to share, so I thought I'd let you know how the food we had was.

For starters, I had the Seasonal Soup (what I always tend to have to start), which was carrot and coriander. It came served with half a baguette and some butter. The soup was lovely, really warming and it had a lovely mild spice to it, which may have been a bit of pepper within the soup. It was quite a generous portion and was really well presented on a board, rather than just in a bowl. Si had the Sticky Chicken Goujons (you get five, Si sneaked one before I could take the picture ha), which we have actually had before to share, so this is the second time Si had them, which says something when you go back again and again for a dish :). These were battered chicken strips, coated in a spiced caramel glaze and served with lightly dressed rocket leaves. I ate the rocket leaves, as Si isn't really a salad person, but I love a good salad, the leaves were nicely dressed and perky (by this I mean they looked nice enough to eat, rather than drooping leaves with no life in them...I just couldn't think of a better word ha ha). Like I said, Si has had these before, so he loved them and they are extremely moreish!! I don't normally like sweet and savoury together, but if you are usually the same, I'd recommend giving these a try, they are gorgeous! The chickens lush, the batters crispy and the glaze is soooo nice!

For mains, I decided to go for something a little different. I am funny with fish and only tend to like cod, skinless and without bones. However, I saw the Oven Baked Cod and it looked really tasty, so I decided to go for it. I was so glad I did, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It's finished with a lemon and black pepper topping, served with crushed baby potatoes, seasonal veg (leeks and cabbage) and a tomato and caper sauce. The fish was cooked lovely, just pure white fish, no skin and no bones, just how I like it. The topping was crunchy and the tomato and caper sauce went lovely with it. I liked that I had leeks in the seasonal veg, as they are one of my faves and not something you usually have in regular vegetable sides. Put it this way, I would definitely have this again. I asked for a little more butter for my potatoes as they looked a little dry, but everything else was lovely. Excuse the half eaten fish in my picture below. I get carried away sometimes and tuck straight in, forgetting to take a picture when I want to. Then all of a sudden I'm like 'Oh gosh, I need to take a picture!', in the middle of a restaurant...that's me ha ha! Si had the Cajun Vegetable Burger (the picked off bit of bread was Si's doing on the top of his bun ha ha...I'm so good with these food pics aren't I!) and he doubled up, meaning he had another burger put in for an extra £1.49. The burger is packed full of spices, kidney beans and peppers amongst other vegetables and comes with cheddar cheese, grilled red pepper, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and red onion. Si had his without cheese and mayo cause he doesn't like them, but he loves this burger and has had different versions in other pubs. He said the burger was slightly spicy but not too much, it just has a subtle tang. He isn't a vegetarian, but if you are this would be a perfect dish (without the cheese and mayo for some) and it doesn't lack in flavour. This dish also comes with skinny cut fries and burger relish.

For dessert, we shared a Mouth-Watering Strawberry Sundae. I'm not normally a dessert person, but fancied something small, hence why we decided to share. Apart from the wafer (not a fan), it was delish! It had strawberry ice cream, real strawberries, whipped cream and raspberry sauce in it...yum yum yum! For me it was enough to share though, not sure if I could have eaten it all myself, but that's just me. Now, like I've mentioned above, my track record with taking pictures before eating something isn't proving to be that great and unfortunately we had already demolished this dessert before I remembered...don't ask! I will get better I promise ha ha, but if you have a look at the current menu, in the dessert section you will see a picture of this dessert.

Regarding our total bill, two starters, two mains, one dessert, two Jack Daniel cocktails and one bottle of rose wine came to just over £50.

I love how they serve Costa drinks (what they serve can be seen on the main food menu). I mean I love a Starbucks, but Costa is second best :). So after your meal or even just on it's own you can have a lovely coffee, latte, hot chocolate or coffee liqueur. I always want one, but never get to have one cause I'm too full, especially with drinking throughout the meal aswell. They have a lovely drinks menu and a wide range in each section. The cocktails and mocktails section is my fave :). I love the strawberry and elderflower cordial with lemonade.

Their menu has food to suit all budgets. They have main meals starting from £4.99 (Monday to Friday 11:30am-5:00pm), but after this time there is sure to still be something to suit a small budget. It has definitely catered for this. I love how they have classic pub dishes, but also some dishes that are a little bit more bistro-like. They have various items to choose from in each section of starters, salads, light bites, gourmet burgers, classics, fish, grills, sides, Sunday lunch, and of course desserts. The menu also states which dishes are suitable for vegetarians, which may contain bones or alcohol etc, so it is really well thought out. Although you will be spoilt for choice! They also have a kids menu with starters from 99p, main meals from £3.99 and desserts from 99p...bargain prices but still lots of choice!

On their website, they often have promotions, so if you are thinking of going to one of their pub restaurants and have a printer, I'd have a quick look on their website and see what offers they have as you could save a fair deal of money. Currently they have a 50% off your total food bill voucher that you can print off and use Monday-Friday before the 18th January. You can also book a table from their website. a little extra for all you bloggers or business people, they have free Wi-Fi, which is always a bonus anywhere :).

I may not go into as much detail in the future, but I may feature their new menu as and when they come out and review anything that we may have from it, so look out for more food posts from Table Table...

Have you ever been to a Table Table pub restaurant? If so, what was your opinion? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading lovelies :).
Gem XxOo

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