Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lovarzi (UK's Leading Scarves Shop)...

Lovarzi is the UK's leading scarves shop and in 2010 they were the top Christmas seller on Amazon UK. They offer the latest trends, aswell as the best quality in scarves. They have a 90 day money back guarantee, they ship worldwide and UK shipping is free! They also sell gloves, shawls, wraps and snoods.

A few weeks back on Twitter I mentioned that Lovarzi was the newest sponsor on my blog. Lovarzi approached me and in simple terms said that they loved my blog and would love to feature on it. It's always nice to be approached, but to be approached by a company who sell items that you love and buy anyway is always a bonus. I love scarves and have quite a variety. I do have a few warmer woolly ones, but the majority of scarves that I have are the chiffon, viscose fashion kind of scarves.

Upon first looking at the Lovarzi website, seeing it was the UK's leading scarves shop and reading their feedback on Amazon. I felt confident that this was a company I would like to work with. I requested my first scarf from them recently, so I could check out the style, quality etc for myself as I didn't really want to associate my blog with a company that said something that wasn't true. I am pleased to say this wasn't the case, hence my positive intro to the company :-).

I received my first scarf a few days ago and have been wearing it around the house, never-mind outside ha! I chose the Polka Dot Scarf in blue as this is a design that I don't have and also I don't have any long blue scarves, so I knew I was likely to get a lot of use out of it as I actually really like wearing blue. The first thing I noticed and thought about it was that the picture on the website really didn't do it justice. The scarf came sealed in a see-through bag, all folded up and upon feeling it for the first time I noticed that it was so soft and smooth. I tried the scarf on straight away and it is not heavy at all. The scarf is a long, shawl type pashmina, but honestly it is so light-weight and sits nicely. Like I said, I've been wearing it around the house it is that comfortable.

I love the design and I love the contrast of blue and white. One side is blue with white spots and the other side is white with blue spots. You can adjust the scarf to just show the blue or white side, but I quite like the mix, like in the picture above.


My scarf arrived within three days of when I was told it was being dispatched, but I do live in the UK. Bare in mind if you live elsewhere within the world it might take slightly longer, but it will be worth the wait :-).

This scarf is £14.99, available in five different colours and you can purchase it directly through the Lovarzi website. Go take a look, you might find a design that you like or even an ideal gift for someone.

You can expect to see a lot more posts from me featuring Lovarzi scarves. Just remember that all scarves are chosen by myself and genuinely worn by me :-). I hope that through my posts you might get to know the company yourself and maybe like some of the designs that I feature and love myself.

This isn't a scarf that I would choose myself, but at the minute you can pre-order the official fourth Doctor Who scarf from Lovarzi. I thought I would let you know as I know there are a lot of Doctor Who fans out there that might want to pre-order this one or some of you might know people who like Doctor Who and want to purchase this as a gift for them :-).

Keep your eye out as I may even do giveaways featuring Lovarzi scarves in the future!

Gem XxOo

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