Friday, 7 September 2012

Anna Sui: Fairy Dance - Secret Wish...

I want to start doing perfume posts on my blog, introducing perfumes I own that I love, bought with my own money or received as gifts. Aswell as new perfumes on the market that I am lucky enough to get to sample and try out :-).

I am going to start today with a new fragrance from Anna Sui called Fairy Dance. This fragrance has been available and exclusive to Debenhams since August 2012.

Fairy dance has top notes of tangerine, mango and pink pepper. It has middle notes of rose (which is Anna Sui's favourite flower), balanced by peony and bamboo. The base notes are sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla.  I'd say the scent is more of a day-time fragrance. It is fruity and sweet which will attract the younger generation, but it's not overpoweringly sweet. It also has a subtle warmth and seductiveness to it that I feel will suit those in their 20's-30's. Overall I feel it is a fruity, warm, seductive, playful, fun fragrance, which has a peachy tone to it.

The bottle is unique to any other perfume bottle I have seen or owned before. It reminds me of a prism shape and captures the three sided dimples that the original Secret Wish bottle has, plus the fairy on top! The perfume box has a lovely shimmer to it which resembles fairy dust and a story-telling design which brings the perfume to life.

I really like this perfume and considering I only had it last month, I have already used a quarter of the bottle :-/. I definitely think it's one of those scents that is easy to like because of it's freshness and fruitiness. The perfume is available in three different sizes: 30ml is £26, 50ml is £36 and 75ml is £45.

Do any of you have this fragrance? What do you think?

Gem XxOo

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