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Father's Day Gift Guide...

Another occasion is fast approaching..."Father's Day", which means more money to be spent! I'm hoping this gift guide will give you some inspiration when it comes to buying a gift for your dad. I will be doing this gift guide slightly differently and splitting ideas into price categories, so there should be something to suit every budget. I hope it helps!

£10 or under...

I always find that Tesco have a good range of Father's Day gift ideas and they are quite inexpensive. I feel most of their gifts would be great for those younger daughters and sons who are maybe buying their gifts out of their pocket money and don't have that much of a budget. The kind of gifts I am talking about are mugs, aprons, tool kits and gardening gifts. I received a press release recently where these kind of gifts were really inexpensive with the dad mugs ranging from £0.97p to £3.52. Aprons from £3.96, dad drink glasses from £2.43, tool kits from £5 and gardening kits from £7.97. I can't find these online, but if you have a Tesco store near you that sells more than food, I'd definitely recommend taking a look. Browsing the net, I also noticed that Tesco have other gifts that are just as pleasing when it comes to the price. Here are a few that took my fancy:

                                                  Nivea Shave Gift Pack £3.50.

                                                Adidas Man Ice Dive Duo £2.50.

All pictures are courtesy of Tesco.

See what I reasonable are those prices?! There are a range of gifts with similar prices, so I'd definitely recommend having a look in your local Tesco or here. I live near a Morrisons and I always notice they tend to have a similar range of gifts at decent prices. I think most supermarkets do to be honest, so if you aren't sure what to buy but want to have a browse at a few things, pop into your local supermarket, they are bound to have a "section" dedicated to a few ideal gifts for Father's Day.

I also found some cards that I thought were a little different. They are from Find Me A Gift, which is an amazing website, you can guarantee to find a gift on there for any occasion. The cards are called "custom cards" and the basic jist of them is that they are cards with lots of different words on them and you can blank out the words you don't want on the front of the cards to reveal a custom made message for any occasion. For those of you that like to buy things that are a little different, I think these are fab! They are currently £3.74 for a pack of three.

Picture courtesy of Find Me A Gift.

£20 or under...

I came across something that I think dads would get a lot of use out of, it is a shower shaving mirror with radio. This looks amazing and I'm sure if there are females in the household, they will also get some use out of this, he, he. Share and share alike! It has a fog-less mirror, an LED light, a universal razor holder, a clock and an FM it! It also has suckers attached so you can attach it to bathroom tiles for example, but it does have an extendable support for free standing use. It is £15.99, but if you find some items you like for Father's Day on Find Me A Gift, they are currently offering 20% off everything.

Picture courtesy of Find Me A Gift.

Buy A Gift also have some fab gift ideas. They do have some bespoke gifts, but their website is based on experiences for any occasion. You can find Father's Day gifts ranging from up to £25 to over £250! So whatever budget you have, there is sure to be something you think will be ideal for your dad. A few more inexpensive experiences that I feel would be ideal are:

                                 Winery and Brewery Tour for Two £13.50.

Pictures are courtesy of Buy A Gift.

There are a lot of experiences to choose from, so whether you have an action dad, a foodie dad, a sporty dad or a cultural dad you are sure to find something perfect :-).

£20 +...

I love websites that have a lot to offer and Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous is another fave of mine. I love the hampers that they sell and if you're looking for something a little different for your dad, I'm sure one of the hampers will put a smile to his face. You can find sweet hampers, chocolate hampers, retro hampers, 80's hampers, comedy DVD hampers, pampering hampers and more amongst the range with a few being under £20 but most being just over or more.

Pictures are courtesy of Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous.

The hampers come with a variety of items in them and some even let you choose certain items, for example those with a DVD included, allow you to choose from a list of DVDs so you can really match the hamper to your Father's personality. I think this kind of gift is unique and maybe something that your dad won't expect but it'll sure bring a smile to his face...especially if he is a child at heart with all the sweets! A free personalised gift card is included with each hamper so you can send it straight to your dad if you wish. Imagine his face when he receives a big box and opens it to reveal a load of goodies!

For those Father's who have a bit more of a grown-up taste then you might want to try something a bit more luxurious at Fine Food Store. They offer hampers and gifts and a couple of my favourites for a Father are:

Pictures are courtesy of Fine Food Store.

I absolutely adore the boxes that come with these, definitely my cup of tea, I'd have to use my daughter charm on my dad to let me keep the box he, he. I love their vintage design! With a mixture of sweet, savoury and a nice wine I think these gifts are fab and definitely ones I feel dads would be really grateful to receive. The more expensive of the two (above) comes with some pampering goodies from Clarins (for men), which I think is a perfect little touch. They have a lot to choose from so take a peek, I'm sure you will find something to suit your dad :-).

Last but not least, I thought I'd add a bit of clothing into the mix. Luxurious, comfortable pyjamas and robes! At The Pyjama Store there are some gorgeous robes and pj's to suit most men. I know some men don't like to sleep in full on pyjama's, but for those that do these are made with cotton and the price reflects the quality. It's worth taking a look as obviously you will probably know what your dad likes, whether it be full on pj's (top and bottoms), just bottoms, just a top, robes, slippers etc. There is sure to be something on there if you have more of a bigger budget.

Pictures are courtesy of The Pyjama Store.

So, there it is. Some Father's Day gift ideas that have caught my eye recently. I hope I have covered most budgets and don't forget the websites that I have mentioned have a lot more gift ideas than those I have shown, so take a look at what they have to offer :-).

To all Father's out there...have a happy Father's Day!

Much Love,
Gem XxOo

Disclaimer: The only item that has been sent to me for review consideration is the shower shaving mirror with radio, but I definitely thought it was a fab gift for Father's, so added it to my gift guide :-). Please see my disclaimer tab for more information.

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