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Valentine's Gift Guide for Males and Females...

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, a lot of people are thinking about what to get their other half. I have some lovely ideas for both males and females that I thought I would share with you all.

Lets start with gift ideas for females :-). Listen up guys!

Lush is one of my favourite shops ever and I know that for certain special occasions (Valentine's, Christmas etc) they tend to have a lot of new things come in especially for that occasion. Valentine's Day is one of them and they have individual items and gift sets. All are as cute as each other and very hard to choose from, but guys I can imagine it's going to be easier for you to pick up a gift set rather than choosing individual bits if you aren't that familiar with Lush.

Picture courtesy of Lush.

So here we have the P.S I Love You Gift Set from Lush. It is £16.95 and comes in an amazingly cute keep-sake box, which I can imagine most females loving! The set includes It's Raining Men creamy honey shower gel and Soft Coeur chocolate-honey massage bar. There is also a piece of their limited edition Sweetheart soap and some jasmine -scented Silky Underwear dusting powder. This is a lovely gift set and sure to make your loved one feel special and pampered when she is using the products, knowing that you bought it for her! If you don't have a Lush shop near you, you can see this gift set and what else they have to offer for Valentine's on the UK site here. See here if you live elsewhere.

Yankee Candle are well-known for candles and I must say a brand I love! I love getting the little samplers (approx £1.60 each) so I can change the scents I use often. These still provide up to 15 hours of fragrance and are really inexpensive. I have noticed on their website that they have a little section especially for Valentine's Day and I think any female would appreciate receiving these. They fill a whole room with fragrance and there are so many scents to choose from all year round!

Picture courtesy of Yankee Direct.

If you don't have any stores selling Yankee Candles near you, you can see some of their Valentine's range here, but I think any scent(s) would be great as gifts. If you don't live internationally (USA etc) click here to purchase.

Lipsy have a lovely fragrance that would be perfect for a Valentine's gift. It has an uplifting, feminine and sweet scent, which comes housed in a gorgeous pink, love heart shaped bottle (perfect!). The EDT has top notes of bitter orange, mandarin, juicy pear and ginger. Mid notes of rose, jasmine, violet and muguet blended with saffron. The base notes are styrax, patchouli, musk, amber and vetiver. The perfume is available in Lipsy stores or online here and is £18 for 30ml or £25 for 50ml.

Picture courtesy of Lipsy.

Lets move onto gift ideas for males :-) listen up gals!

If you are a regular reader of my Blog you will know that I did a post recently on BlueBeards Revenge shaving products. The post was written by me but in the words of my Fiance, so all opinions were his. You can read that post here.

Pictures courtesy of BlueBeards Revenge.

The pictures above are the products/items that were reviewed in my Blog post (The BlueBeards Revenge Shaving Cream 100ml £9.99, The BlueBeards Revenge Post Shave Balm 100ml £9.99 and The BlueBeards Revenge 'Doubloon' Bristle Shaving Brush £6.99). I won't go into the ins and outs of these products because I have explained it all in the post linked above. However, all I will say is that I Blogged about them for a reason and with qualities such as reducing hair growth, I think BlueBeards Revenge products would make a great gift for any male that hates the hassle of uncomfortable shaving! They also have other products available, for example razors, gift sets, accessories and deodorants. You can see what they have to offer here.

Anyone that is a fan of H&M will probably know that David Beckham has recently joined them to design a range of bodywear. His range includes boxer shorts in different styles, tops, briefs and pyjama trousers, all ranging from £7.99-£19.99.

Pictures courtesy of H&M.

I think with this being a new range and with David Beckham being involved, anything from this range would make a great Valentine's gift for males! If you don't have a H&M near you, you can purchase any of the items here. If you live elsewhere see here.

I just wanted to let you know about the Valentine's gifts that Tesco are doing this year. The reason being because they have quite a few items that are really inexpensive and I immediately thought of younger couples that maybe don't have that much of a budget and want to buy a cute/sweet little gift for their other half.

Pictures courtesy of Tesco.

They have a number of gifts for males and females ranging from bath and body products (see pictures above: Bayliss and Harding Rose Love Soaps £4, Bayliss and Harding Skin Spa Rose Bubble Bath £4 and Bayliss and Harding Bathing Roses £3), chocolates, scents and other gifts. If you have a Tesco store near you I would recommend popping in and taking a look at what they have to offer. Otherwise if you live in the UK, you can purchase items online here.

Prezzybox also have a huge range of exciting Valentine's gifts for both males and females, if you are looking for something a bit different.

           Pictures courtesy of Prezzybox.

The above items are two of many. The cup originally has red hearts all over it and then when it is filled with a hot liquid it changes to 'I <3 YOU', but obviously with a proper heart :-). So adorable and I think suitable for males and females. You can buy this here. The egg cups and cosies are ideal for couples living together, but if you're not, you can have one each! Each egg cup comes with an egg cosy to keep your breakfast warm before you tuck in! You can purchase this here. They also have plenty of other Valentine's Day Gifts for you to check out.

I hope you like my contribution of ideas and I think any male or female would be lucky to receive any of these lovely gifts :-).

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Much Love,
Gem XxOo

Disclaimer: I have created this Valentine's Gift Guide myself and everything included are my own ideas and products chosen by me. A couple of the gifts have been sent to me as samples or for review consideration, but I chose them in the first place. My opinions/thoughts are and always will be 100% honest.

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