Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Paul and Joe 10th Anniversary Collection...Meow!

I recently received an email from Asos, telling me about the new range of Paul & Joe cosmetics that have been released, to celebrate their 10TH Anniversary. I have seriously never seen anything so cute in all my life! P&J designer Sophie Albou loves cats and has channelled this love into the new Limited Edition Meow cosmetics collection. Prepare for utter cute and adorable pictures...

There are three lipsticks in the range: Miaow (Soft Pink), Sex Kitten (Nude) and Catwalk (Peach). The lipsticks feature an inlaid paw print design to celebrate their 10TH Anniversary. They are enriched with moisturising Orange flower water and Jojoba oil. The packaging is so eye-catching and is sampled from their clothing range. I adore these, it would almost be a shame to use them as they look so cute with all the little paw prints on! These are my favourite products from within the range.

Picture 1 courtesy of b-glowing. Picture 2 courtesy of Asos.

There are three eye-shadow palettes in the range: Kitty Cat (Pink and Purple tones), Purr-fect (Green tones) and Siamese Please (Brown tones).

Picture courtesy of chinese-luxury.

Each palette contains an inlaid cat design and the shades come in contrasting shimmer, satin and matte textures. Again the eye-shadow colours contain moisturising Orange flower water and Jojoba oil. The gorgeous packaging designs are again samples from the P&J clothing collection. I received the Siamese Please palette to sample, here are some swatches:

There are three blusher sticks in the range: Catfight (Red), Glamour Puss (Nude/Cream) and Minou (Pink).

Picture 1 courtesy of b-glowing. Picture 2 courtesy of Asos.

The design is of a cat in a top hat...beyond cute! Along with the lipsticks, these are also my favourite products from within the range! They glide on to provide a rich, creamy, powder finish. Again, they contain moisturising Orange flower water and Jojoba oil. I think it's fab that a cute cosmetics line contains moisturising ingredients. It just goes to show that the range has been thought about with the user in mind, rather than just thinking that it doesn't matter what's in the lipsticks, the cute factor will make them sell. I received the Minou blusher stick to sample, here is a swatch:


There is also a matte pressed powder in the collection. Although I don't use pressed powder I am totally sucked in by the packaging - it's adorable! There is a cute cat print on the front of the compact and then when you open it you can't help but go - aww! Aswell as there being a cat shadow print on the actual powder, the powder puff is in the shape of a paw and has a paw print on it! The pressed powder comes in one colour: Cinnamon (see picture below).

Picture courtesy of b-glowing.

There are also three nail polishes in the range: Kitten Claws (Soft Pink), Manekineko (Hot Pink) and Tigress (Beige). Although they are cute shades, the nail polishes don't draw me in as much as the products with the cat designs. Although I am sure the quality is still top notch. There is moisturising Orange flower water in these and a Pearl calc to protect the nail.

Picture courtesy of b-glowing.

Lastly, there is a Black waterproof gel eye-liner in the collection. It is smudge-proof and contains quick dry oil so the eye-liner sets instantly (perfect!). It also contains film polymers that ensure a long lasting finish. The gel is enriched with moisturising Orange flower water. This also contains White Lily extract. A fine brush also comes with this product, for easy application.

Pictures courtesy of Asos.

My mum loves cats and we have three at home. I showed her this collection and she couldn't get over how cute everything is!

The products range from £10-£28 and are available from Asos and Paul & Joe counters.

Can you resist buying anything from this range? Or if you have anything from this range, how hard has it been to use the items when the designs are so cute?!

Much Love,
Gem XxOo

Disclaimer: I received The Siamese Please palette and Minou blusher stick to sample, hence the fact that there are only swatches for those two products. My opinions are and always will be 100% honest. See the disclaimer tab for more information.

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