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Samantha Morris Prints (Featured in Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model House)...

If any of you are fans of Britain and Ireland's next Top Model 2011, you will know that the house they live in is well designed with unique, funky items here and there - little quirky things that you wish you had in your own house/bedroom...or is this just me?

I was recently contacted by the lovely Christianne, who is the PR lady for Samantha Morris (designer and print maker). Now I'm not going to lie, before she contacted me I personally didn't know who Samantha Morris was. However when I was introduced to Samantha and her work I was instantly interested and attracted to what she did, as it was right up my street.

I love unique items that add a little quirkiness to a room, a letter, a kitchen, a parcel and so on and so forth...especially if it involves Fashion/Beauty, which in this case, it does!

Samantha Morris has designed three specific prints that are featured in the house of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model 2011. I was so excited to see these prints because of the massive fashion connection! Here they are in the house:

                                     Picture courtesy of Christianne Lambert.

As you can see the prints have a fashion 'high heel' resemblance and are inspired by Alfred Hitchcock who is also a lover of fashion. The 'Hitchcock Shoe Series', as the prints are called, depict three of his most chilling films: The Birds, Dial M for Murder and Rear Window (In order from top to bottom), all with that fabulous Samantha Morris (Keep Glam and Rock On) twist!!!

You can see the prints in the house when the girls get emails from Elle Macpherson.

If you want to see the prints up close and personal, visit Samantha's fabulous website here. The prints are under the 'Prints Charming' section. I love all her quirky little section names and slogans :-). The prints are £25 each (without frames), they are 30cm x 40cm and all fit in standard frames. They are limited edition, so won't be there forever - I would snap them up while you can :-).

I have 'The Birds' print and I absolutely adore it! I feel somewhat special having it, I think mainly because I am hugely into Fashion but also Film so combining the two on a print is amazing. However, I have to say I love the fact that the print is one of three by Samantha Morris in the house of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model 2011 - and I have one!

Samantha also designs stationery, tea towels, mugs, cushions and much more, all with fabulous slogans and designs!

I would definitely recommend having a look at Samantha's website - if your anything like me, you will fall in love with her designs, products, prints and slogans :-).

I am really tempted to buy some of her other unique items, either for myself or as presents :-).

Thanks so much for reading my post - please follow, like and comment :-).

Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: Samantha sent me my print for review purposes, but I have not been paid to do this post. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. I love those prints!
    Lucy x


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