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Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Serum...

I don't usually buy or get to try out 'Professional' hair care items that are used in Hairdressing Salons/Beauty Salons. As much as I would like to, there are plenty of products on the market at a preferred price and most do the same thing. However, recently I came across a website that sold Salon Professional Hair, Skin and Nail Products called Gorgeous Shop, you can view their website here. They are known for selling Salon Professional Brands, that are used in Hairdressing/Beauty Salons.

They have a HUGE array of products ranging from Hair Care, Skin Care, Make-Up, Nail Care, Tanning, Accessories, Bath and Home. They also have their own prices/discounts, so the products aren't always priced at the R.R.P on their website, they are cheaper-which is a bonus!

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to try out one of the products from Gorgeous Shop. This being the Matrix Design Pulse Mix In Shine Serum (89ml), which you can view here. Now if your anything like me, you are always look for new products to improve the condition/look/style of your hair, right? So I was really excited and keen to start using this to find out how it worked with my hair and whether it improved the condition of my hair (I unfortunately suffer a lot with split ends due to my regular use of heated styling tools-which I am now trying to cut down on).

I received my product within three days and was really impressed with how it was packaged. I opened the brown envelope and inside was a lovely clear, gorgeous shop printed, plastic pull string bag. It is water-proof, wipe clean and definitely re-usable (I think I will keep mine for when I am travelling for my make-up or toiletry items). The actual product itself was sealed in thick bubble wrap, inside the bag. I was impressed with how well packaged my one item was and I was certain that if I ever ordered something from there that was a little bit more fragile (a hair styler for example) then it would definitely be well packaged and protected. The shipping prices are also really reasonable, starting from £3.50 (3-4 working days) for UK delivery with unlimited items or you can have next day delivery for £5.49. International shipping prices are also reasonable, you can see these here.

So, onto the actual product itself. You get 89ml (random amount-ocd kicking in, as I would have had to just round it up to 90ml lol) of product for £10.50 from the website-it isn't a product that you use in big amounts, so it is going to last a long time! The first thing I did when I received it was smell it (as I tend to do with most things, cause I'm sad like that ha, ha) and it smells GORGEOUS-the only way I can describe it is sweet, light and refreshing (with a tinge of Lemon and Orange). It smells like most products do in a hair salon-lush! You know when you've just had your hair done in a salon and you can smell your hair for ages afterwards because of all the lovely products they have used on your hair? Yep, it reminds me of that :-).

The packaging is also really sleek and stylish. It feels nice just to have it-you know when you have a high end make-up product, well it feels the same in this case. It makes you feel just that little bit more special when you have used it. I have been using it when I have dried and straightened/curled/waved my hair. As I have layers I have split ends in different areas so I have been taking about two pea sized amounts rubbing it between my fingers and then through my hair, working specifically on my split ends/layer sections. This has been my main reason for using the serum, to seal my split ends and make my hair look more sleek and shiny. It leaves my hair feeling really soft (it even leaves your fingers feeling soft after using it :-/ and it isn't greasy at all). On the website it says that the serum also delivers long lasting shine (true), eliminates frizz (I don't tend to have frizzy hair but it definitely makes my hair look more sleek, which is basically the same thing so...true) and protects the hair from harmful UV rays (not sure how I would be able to see if it does this, but I trust that it does as it contains the ingredient Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, which is like a chemical sunscreen and protects from harmful UV rays). The serum is suitable for all hair types and is directed to be used on dry hair. I use this most days (unless my hair is just shoved up) and have had many compliments on the shine of my hair since using it :-) good times!

It is a really light serum, it doesn't weigh down your hair or make it look/feel greasy.

I know that this is a fairly new product on their website so it has been amazing trying it out. The price is the only thing that would maybe hold me back from buying it, but the quality and results of the product are well worth the price. So if you wanted to treat yourself to a Salon Professional Hair Care product, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a serum to seal split ends, provide shine and sleekness and make the hair look dazzling! The fact it protects from harmful UV rays is a bonus.

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Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: I would just like to add that even though I have been sent this product to review, I am an honest person and all my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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