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Pointless (The Travel Game)...

Me and my Fiance love watching the TV show Pointless. We always have a laugh playing along, so when I was offered the chance to review the Pointless travel game, I was like 'Yeahhh!'.

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For those of you that aren't familiar with the BBC1 game show, it is hosted by Alexander Armstrong and the concept of the game is that you have to try and think of the most obscure answer rather than the best answer (scoring the most points) to each question you are asked (at some point before the show each question is asked to 100 people and they are given 100 seconds to come up with as many answers as they can - only correct answers are considered) and try to score the lowest number of points. Even better is to get a pointless answer which scores zero.

The full sized board game is also available to purchase, but I got to review the travel version. It is recommended for people of ages 10+ and for 2-4 players or teams. It contains 120 questions, 1 question card holder, 1 'Pointless' pencil, 1 answer and score sheet pad (30 sheets which are double sided) and 1 set of rules.

The game is similar to the TV show in terms of the whole concept of the show, so you have to try and find the lowest scoring answer for each question. The game has many differences to the TV show though in terms of the following:

- You can play with as little as two people if you want to. You don't have to play with solely four teams to start with like the TV show.

- In the TV show there are elimination rounds, before the final two teams with the best scores (the lowest scores) compete in the head to head and the winner of that gets to play in the final. In the travel game, there are no elimination rounds, everyone gets to play all the way through to the end, so no one gets knocked out during play. I suppose if you wanted to play like the TV show you could just adapt the rules.

- Each round is the same and the player or team with the lowest score of each round, gets to go first in the next round. When it comes to the end of the fifth round, the player or team with the most Pointless answers (scoring zero) gets to go first. At the end of the sixth round, the player or team with the overall lowest score wins the game.

- Answers are written down on an answer sheet rather than spoken out loud in turn. The scores (that your answers get) are also written down and recorded on your answer sheet.

- One player is to be chosen to be the question master, but can also play the game.

- The game isn't electronic, the questions and answers are on cards (they are also double sided) within a special card holder (which hides the scores from prying eyes ;)), so the questions and answers to choose from are on view and the scores are only revealed when each card is taken out of the card holder.

- All answers are on the cards to choose from, where as in some rounds on the TV show you have to think of some answers yourself.

Players are advised from the rules card that at least one of the answers could be false on both sets of answers on each card and at least one of the answers could be Pointless on each set. Players can't select an answer given by another player, hence the reasoning behind who goes first in each round. There are two sets of answers for each question, so each player or team gets the chance to answer the same question twice (similar to the TV show, where the two people on each team both get a chance to answer the same question).

The above points are the main ones about the travel game, but the rules card explains all :). You can read more about the TV show Pointless here.

There are a few errors within the travel game, on the game cards. I haven't gone through all the cards but whilst me and Si were playing, we noticed a few things. See if you can see what's wrong with the answer sections of both of these cards before finding out below...

Have you seen what's wrong?

On the first card, Nepal is named twice within the two answer sets. If someone answers Nepal from the first answer set and later the score of 10 is revealed, when the second answer set becomes available to choose from, no one is going to choose Nepal again knowing it isn't a Pointless answer and they will already know the score is 10. There is no point in it being there, so it's got to be an error.

On the second card, Estonia is there twice in the second answer set, the top one has a score of 2 and the one further down has a cross by it meaning that it is apparently an incorrect answer...this made us laugh when we saw it...go figure?! It didn't affect our game because there was only me and Si playing, so we just chose answers around the errors, but if there are a lot of you or a lot of teams then it might be different, especially if the error is on the second set of answers, when you have already answered from the first set. If the number of players or teams matches the amount of answers there is to choose from, then you will probably have to just re-start the round.

I kind of wish it was an electronic version as even the full sized board game isn't electronic. It's still great fun though!

You can buy the game from stockists such as: Argos, Amazon, Smyth's, The Entertainer and Tesco. I have also seen the game being sold on Ebay if you like shopping on there. Not all places sell both the travel game and the full sized game, so you will have to check what they have available. The travel game usually retails for under £10 and the full sized game for under £20. Prices vary for each stockist.

Do you watch Pointless? Is this game something you'd be interested in playing?

Let me know if you have any board games that are television shows!

Thanks for reading!
Gem XxOo


  1. Ahhhh! Amaazing! Me and my bf watch The Cube a lot, so he got me The Cube game too haha.

    Love it!

    Zoe x

    1. Ooh, how do you play that? Do you have little tasks or something? I'll have to have a look at that one :) xx

  2. I love Pointless! This looks pretty cool I didn't even know they had board games etc... must check it out :)

    Anna xx

    1. It is a good laugh :). I love it when they make TV programmes into games! xx

  3. Great review, thanks to you I understand it better now my boyfriend always gets frustrated when we watch it cause Im baffled by the concept of the game and always end up giving obvious answers.. Ha! I love all those sorts of shows, the chase, tipping point and 5 minutes to a fortune - that's my tv after work!


    1. Aww, I'm so glad you understand it better now :). It means I'm doing something right with my reviews ha ha. You sound like me...those are the programmes I watch :), not too keen on The Chase as much, but the others I watch. That 5 Minutes To A Fortune wasn't on for that long was it? Hope it's back on soon :). Thanks for the comment lovely xx

  4. What a fun blog!

    I've followed you back hun :)

    1. Aww thanks, your lovely comment means a lot! I hope you enjoy my blog sweet :) xx

  5. What a brilliant review! Also found you via the blog hop and followed x

    1. Aww thanks hun :) and thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and follow :) x

  6. Shame about the errors but I love pointless can absolutely see myself playing this! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting hun! Yeah, it's still a fun game to play :). Regarding the errors though, you'd think someone would have quality checked it wouldn't you? Lol :/ x

  7. Brilliant review! The mistakes in the game made me laugh! The boyfriend really likes the programme, might buy it for our next trip! Followed you from the BBunch Blog Hop :)

    Sami xx

    1. Aww thanks for commenting and following me hun :). I know yeah lol like I said above, you'd think someone would have quality checked it :/ ha! It's a fun game to play though :) xx


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