Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012...

As you are all probably aware by now, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is fast approaching. I know of most celebrations taking place around an extended weekend at the beginning of June (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th). Some people like to go all out for things like this and hold street parties, house parties etc. Me or us as a family aren't having anything like that, unless something comes up, but we will probably watch some of the celebrations on TV and might even raise a glass or two, he, he.

I have been sent quite a few emails and press releases with items that you can buy to help you celebrate the Jubilee in some way or another. I have also found quite a few items myself, just casually searching the net. You'll be surprised what people think of to sell at times like this, but hey, if there's money to be made...

I thought I would share a few of my favourite items that I found, just in case you are looking for something to buy to help you celebrate at a party, at home, or simply want to purchase something that you can look back at in the future and remember buying such item for this occasion.


Picture courtesy of Find Me A Gift.

If you are going all out and want to make yourself up to be ready for a Jubilee celebration, then this is a great little item to make you stand out from the crowd. It's called a Union Jack Lip Tattoo and it's really inexpensive at £2.99 for one tattoo. I have worn lip tattoos similar to this before and you will be surprised as to how long they actually last. You can eat and drink and it will stay on. It is easily removable at the end of the day with a baby wipe :-).

Picture courtesy of Feel Unique.

I don't personally use nail wraps for the simple reason that I can't seem to get them right on my nails and it always looks silly. So, I thought I would include these for those of you that like nail wraps. However, I did create this look last year for Kate and Will's wedding and I just used regular nail polish. I may try to re-create it again this year but I am going to have to get a white nail polish as my last one has run out. I just wanted to express that it can be done both ways; with nail polish for the more artistic amongst you and nail wraps for those that don't feel they can do nail art or need something quick and easy. The nail wraps have a lot of advantages: they require no drying time, they don't chip and they are easy to remove. With nail polish you have to be patient and steady handed to do the nail art, you have to wait for each colour section to dry before you do the next, there is a possibility of the design chipping and then you have to have nail polish remover to get it off. The option is yours :-). These are £7.99.


Picture courtesy of Sainsbury's.

I thought this earring trio was soo cute and perfect for the occasion. I am loving the heart and crown ones the most! They are £3.50 from TU at Sainsbury's. If you have a local Sainsbury's that sells clothes and jewellery, head down there and you should be able to find these :-).

Picture courtesy of Not On The High Street.

As soon as I saw these bracelets I fell in love with them. They are Limited Edition Jubilee bracelets and priced at £24.95. They are so my style and I adore them! I say 'them', because you can choose from different fabrics and different charms. You can even have more than one charm for a little extra. In regards to the charms, you can choose from the Queen's crown, the Queen's carriage or the iconic double-decker bus. Simply gorgeous!


Picture courtesy of Noo Noo Design. Picture courtesy of Snugglebox.

The above two decorations are ones that have taken my fancy from the huge amount of decorations there are out there for the occasion. These are ones that I would choose if I were having a party to celebrate the Jubilee. I love the style and simpleness of the bunting. For 3 metres of this it is £12.50. I am a huge lover of cushions anyway and have a few different ones on my bed just for decoration. The above cushion is one I could see fitting nicely among my collection he, he. I was thinking it might also be nice if you are having a garden party and have the budget to buy a few of these and scatter them amongst the chairs you have for guests to sit on :-). I thought it might add a nice touch. They are £15 each.

Food and Drink:

Pictures courtesy of Find Me A Gift.

If you're not having a party or celebration as such but still want to feel involved, I think these Royal Family Tea Bags are ideal to have a lovely cuppa whilst watching the celebrations on TV :-). I'm a sucker for cute, unique things like this. They come in a pack of five for £6.99 and are a classic tea blend with Assam.

Picture courtesy of Sourz.

If you're over 18 and drink alcohol then this might be something you'd want to buy at any time, let alone to celebrate the Jubilee, he, he. Sourz have bought out a Limited Edition flavour to coincide with the Jubilee and London Olympics...Spirited Summer Berry! Yum! Aswell as drinking this as a shot, you can also make cocktails out of it, see here for some recipes :-). I know in Asda it is £9 at the moment, but it is available at the majority of large supermarkets, where the price usually differs in each one.

All of the major supermarkets seem to have offers on aswell for the Jubilee, so if you are having a party or a get together with food, you should be able to get some good offers from your local supermarket :-). I know Morrisons have an offer on where you can get 12 burgers, 24 sausages, 36 white baps and a bottle of ketchup all for £10. I know this as it's my local supermarket. They also have other party food ideas and Union Jack printed plates, cups, napkins and bunting for really reasonable pricesCo-opM&SSainsbury'sTesco and Waitrose all have offers on to name a few supermarkets. However, I am sure all supermarkets are going to try and get in on the act, so I'm sure you'll find some good bargains whichever supermarket you go to :-).

I hope you like my favourite Jubilee celebration ideas and there's just one last thing to say...let's hope it's gorgeous weather and happy celebrating!

Much Love,
Gem XxOo


  1. Hi Gemma,
    Thanks for this list - I particularly like the teabags - hilarious!
    Just wanted to (rather cheekily) let you know about some special Jubilee e cards I made. As you said, you don't plan anything too far ahead, and therefore e cards are perfect - they are sent instantly so perfect for short notice get-togethers! We've got a free trial running at the moment so if you or any of your readers want to try out our service, they can without giving us any payment information or risk of us giving their details to anyone. More info can be found here -

    Thanks and have a great Jubilee weekend!

    Katie x

    1. Hi Hun, thanks for taking the time to read my post and for commenting :-). The teabags are a fave of mine too! Haha. Thanks for letting me know about your e-cards...I'm sure my readers that are interested will have a looksie :-). Your 'follow' would mean a lot if you want to keep up to date with my posts. You have a good Jubilee weekend too! Xx


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