Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New Beauty Brand...Urbanista!

Picture courtesy of Paul Murray PLC.

Paul Murray PLC have recently started distributing a new beauty brand called Urbanista! Great for every street smart fashionista, their collection has launched with a selection of beauty tools with a vibrant twist. Products within the range include: make-up brushes, hair brushes, nail foils, clippers, nail files, tweezers and more! The products have been specially designed for comfort and precision and are eye-catching with their bright colours. The company claims that their products will revitalise and refresh any ones make-up bag and having seen some of their range I can assure you this is true.

The nail foils range from block colours to glamorous patterns, so there is sure to be a style for everyone. Each pack includes 16 pieces of adhesive so you could do a full set of finger or toe nails and then keep the rest for signature nails :-). A bonus with these is that they require no drying time and mean no smudging! They are £2.99 each. Here are some examples:

Pictures courtesy of Paul Murray PLC.

The hairbrushes in the range consist of a small and large ionic barrel hairbrush, an ionic vent hairbrush and an ionic paddle hairbrush. I love the hairbrushes in the range! Why? Well these are a little different. They let you know when they are at the right temperature to use in your hair, by changing colour. They transform from pink to white. So, blast your hairdryer on any of their brushes and the colour will change before your eyes. Genius! The hairbrushes range from £7.99-£12.99. Here is an example of the colour change:

Small barrel hairbrush before heat has been applied.

Small barrel hairbrush after heat has been applied.

The heat doesn't stay within the brush for long once you take the heat directly away. However, if you are using the brush at the same time as you are blow drying your hair, then you'll find it will create extra volume and dry/style your hair much quicker/easier. As you are drying with the hair dryer from the outside, the heated brush underneath your hair will dry that area quicker, hence speedy results!

The range also consists of make-up brushes; a foundation brush, a powder brush, a blush brush and an eye-shadow brush. They are a gorgeous hot pink colour, so sure to stand out in your make-up collection/bag. They range from £3.99-£5.99. Here are some examples:

                           Powder Brush.                                        Eye-Shadow Brush.

Pictures courtesy of Paul Murray PLC.

They also have other bits and bobs like foot files (£4.99), nail clippers (small £3.99 and large £4.99), nail files (£3.99) and tweezers (£3.99), all in vibrant, stand out colours! Here are a few examples:

                          Metal Nail File.                                                   Foot File.

                         Toe Nail Clipper.                                                Tweezers.

Pictures courtesy of Paul Murray PLC.

I am loving the pink! I think they have everything in pink apart from the foot files, but still the colours are so attractive and just looking at them is sure to perk you up!

You can purchase items from the range at Click Health and Beauty or Murrays Health and Beauty. You may also be lucky to spot some of these items in specialist chemists!

What do you think of this new brand and their range?

Much Love,
Gem XxOo

Disclaimer: I received some samples from this range to introduce me to the brand. All opinions are and always will be 100% honest. See my disclaimer tab for more information.

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