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Superdrug's LASH False Eyelashes...

You might already be aware that this Summer, Superdrug bought out their very own range of handmade false eyelashes called LASH. There are 8 different lash types in their range. So whether you are looking for a natural look, something to add volume to your own lashes or something more eye-catching, you are sure to find something you'll love! Each pack of false eyelashes contains a glue and has a picture on the front of a model wearing the specific lashes in that pack. They are also suitable for contact lens wearers-which I am, so that's a bonus! I had the opportunity to try out some of their range and see how they work for me. As someone who doesn't ordinarily wear false eyelashes, I enjoyed playing around with these lashes and changing my eyelash look from natural to voluminous.

                                           Picture courtesy of Superdrug PR.

I thought I would share these photographs with you, so you can see the finished look of each of the lashes I got to sample and see if they are something you would like :-).

These are the Natural - Edition 12 lashes. Probably my least favourite of the ones I got to sample. Although they do feel extremely natural, I don't like how sparse the lashes are. Even my natural lashes aren't this sparse. I also noticed with these ones that the lash line has a white strip (where as the other samples I have don't). I laid off the black eyeliner with these ones so you can see what I mean (the white bits by the lash line is the white strip). It is easily coverable with lots of black eyeliner :-). I think these lashes are ideal for daytime wear.

These are the Volume - Edition 21 lashes. You can see how much wider they make your eyes look. I love how they are more voluminous at the ends and are already so curled fresh from the box :-). Such gorgeous lashes for a glamorous night out!

These are the Intense Volume - Edition 31 lashes. These are very similar to the Volume - Edition 21 lashes, but these ones seem to be voluminous all round, rather than more at the ends. Again, in my opinion, these lashes are suited more for a glam party or night out rather than daytime wear.

These are the Double Volume - Edition 40 lashes and my favourite ones! I love how they are deep black in colour, so really make the eyes stand out. They also provide just the right amount of volume to be able to pull these off during the daytime, but are also suitable for a night time look. Very versatile!

They are so easy to apply and these are the application instructions on the reverse of each pack:

1. Lashes should be applied once make up is completed.
2. Carefully remove the lashes from the tray using a pair of tweezers and check the fit against your eye. If the lashes are too wide, trim from the outside edge to achieve the perfect fit.
3. Holding the lash with tweezers (or Superdrug's LASH applicator (£2.99)), apply a small amount of adhesive to the entire lash band, paying special attention to the ends. Wait 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky. Do not apply adhesive directly to the eyelid.
4. Position the lash slightly above your natural lash line and press gently along the entire lash band to fix in place. Hold the two ends for a few more seconds to fully secure. The adhesive will dry clear after a few minutes.
5. Once dry, lashes can be curled for a more pronounced look.

Removal Instructions:

1. To remove, gently peel the lash away from the outer edges.
2. Always remove before sleeping.

The lashes are really easy to apply and shouldn't feel uncomfortable. If they do, re-apply them. Here is a YouTube video from Superdrug, showing you how to apply their false lashes perfectly.

Like all own brand beauty items, Superdrug's lashes are BUAV approved (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection), so customers can feel good as well as look good.

The lashes range from £4.49-£5.49 and are exclusive to Superdrug. You can purchase the lashes in-store or online here.

Have any of you tried any of Superdrug's LASH false eyelashes?

Which ones do you prefer?

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Much Love Gem XxOo

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Disclaimer: I was sent the Superdrug lashes for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Pictures: All pictures unless otherwise stated are my own. If you wish to use them please credit my name by them-Gemma Tranter.

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  1. Oo these look great and such a great price!
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